10 NFT Business Ideas You Can Start in 2023

If you’ve stumbled upon this article you’re likely curious as to how you can create exclusive and unique business ideas to reach a well-versed NFT audience, yield profitable income and open up to a wholly new financial opportunity.

NFTs have created a means for you to turn your spare time into a major opportunity to make a living. You don’t have to be a digital artist to succeed as an NFT entrepreneur. NFTs are not just for crypto art and there are loads of endless opportunities to harness happiness in this gold rush time we are in.

Let’s check out 10 NFT business ideas that you can start today.

What Are Some NFT Business Ideas?

1. Become an NFT Artist

NFTs were partially created to help artists earn more money in a digital landscape that hasn’t been particularly kind to them before. NFT art has a huge impact on digital marketplaces such as Rarible.com and Opensea.io

NFTs are a new revenue stream for artists in such a way that if their artwork accrues more value, so does the artist. I have seen NFT artists enjoy massive success with open-source tools and as an NFT artist, I am also a beneficiary. 

I started by tokenizing some of my art and offering it up as an NFT to different platforms to generate income. But first, you have to be creative with your art and let your audience know what type of artwork you create. Seek inspiration from well-known artists like Blake Kathryn, and Giant Swan.

2. Buying and Selling NFTs

Platforms like NiftyGateway, OpenSea, and Rarible are huge marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs. Your best bet on harnessing the fortune that comes with this may be by treating these NFTs as stocks, that is, assets that will garner interest as time goes on. 

For example, Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million through the first-of-its-kind auction at Christie’s. Another example is buying prime virtual land in Decentraland hoping to turn a profit in the future. Some parcels of land have already been sold for thousands of dollars! 

I think that the potential for this NFT stock is high and may generate passive income. I would suggest you do extensive research on this to avoid huge losses.

3. Structure an Online NFT Course

One of the fastest and most impactful ways to get your knowledge out to a global marketplace and make more money is to download that knowledge lying dormant in your brain and turn it into a lead-generating, impact-creating online course. 

Consider offering a course on NFTs to beginners on how to mint, sell and buy NFTs. You could charge them per week or month depending on your level of expertise and thereby, opening up your gateway to financial freedom.

4. Creating NFT Collectibles

It’s not just collectors and investors who have more to gain with NFTs. You can also create artwork and other collectibles NFTs to increase your income. I can’t buttress this point enough.

With NFT collecting, you can find all your collectibles online. This gives you access to items anywhere in the world, so you can finally complete collections and own difficult-to-find assets. 

5. Create an NFT Forum

You can create a strong community where NFTs buyers and sellers can exchange and discuss ideas and views on NFTs projects. Use strategies such as community engagement, opinion polls, extra benefits, and more. 

These strategists, I believe, could help create a vibrant community for you which means more awareness and mainstream interest especially by running barter ads.

6. Consider Being an NFT Influencer

In all my experience, this is by far one of the best financially rewarding ideas that come to mind. With the providence of a huge fan base, you might want to consider being an NFT influencer. 

Leverage your huge audience and loyal consumers as they might be an added advantage. You could stir up engaging conversations among your community and promote the latest NFT projects.

Also, by delivering authentic knowledge and general education about NFTs. I have noticed many influencers profiting from this venture.

7. Write an NFT Themed Blog

NFTs are exploding in popularity with hundreds of people rushing to create, buy and sell them. Therefore, the world is desperate for well-written and informative NFT-related content.

Create an NFT-themed blog by engaging your readers with the consistent offering of awesome content on all there is on NFTs. Then, you can monetize it through advertising and affiliate marketing.

8. Art an NFT Newsletter

NFT-themed newsletters that bring a profound and exclusive plunge into the world of NFTs are limited if any. Gather valuable information about NFTs such as NFT news, press releases, NFTs collectibles, and major auction sales into a weekly or monthly newsletter. 

Your newsletters are a valuable marketing resource and you have to write them as such. Be consistent with writing your newsletter as slacking off on your consistency will damage your brand. This could also be a profitable business deal on your hands.

9. Become an NFT Freelance Writer

With NFTs becoming the largest segment in web3, and websites covering all of NFT and crypto-related news, offering your writing skills to these brands could be lucrative. This is only possible if you are passionate about writing. 

Create quality articles, engage readers, crank out quality content quickly and establish a track record of successful projects. This is most definitely a super-profitable and flexible way to make money.

10. Become an NFT Broker

Becoming an NFT broker requires a great deal of effort, dedication, and most importantly, passion. NFT brokers are a new type of broker that offers the convenience and security of digital assets without the added risks. 

How does this work? Well, since NFTs are purchased and bought daily, you could help people buy, sell and trade their NFTs in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as ETH or Bitcoin. I am sure you don’t want to miss out on this, especially if you are deep into the NFT space, and keep a watchful eye on the community!

Final Thoughts

At the moment, NFTs are like the Wild West. They are becoming mainstream and even McDonald’s and Budweiser are in on it.

There are loads of applications for NFTs across a variety of industries and utilizing them appropriately can open doors of limitless possibilities for generating passive income. To get started, dive into any of the aforementioned NFT business ideas I have compiled. 

Dinma Iwu

Chidinma Divine Iwu is a writer who likes to flex her skills over a broad range of topics, although particular about expanding on NFTs. Every article written holds a great deal of research, proper grammar, and appropriate style. She likes to think her first tweet would be auctioned someday and she watches Marvel movies in her free time. https://twitter.com/TheDinmaaa

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