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Cyber Scrilla is a hub of information related to 3 core concepts:

  • How to safely and effectively utilize Web3 technology in your personal and professional life.
  • How to make money using Web3 technology.
  • How to incorporate Web3 into your personal brand or business.

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. According to Zippia, there are nearly 5 billion internet users in the world, over 5 billion smartphone users, and well over 1.35 million tech startups across the globe.

The craziest thing about the online world is how quickly it has evolved, and how rapidly it continues to grow. Let’s take a quick look at the history of the internet.

  • Web 1.0 (1990): The introduction of the internet to the world. At this time, the internet was mainly used by researchers and students as it was read-only and decentralized. It only took 5 years for browsers like Mosaic and Microsoft Internet Explorer to be introduced to the masses, enabling the everyday person to browse the information superhighway.
  • Web 2.0 (2005): Around 2005 (only 15 years later) people began to see the potential of the internet from a personal and business perspective. Companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter entered the scene, allowing web users to publish their own content online.

    Although exciting, the individual computers that use to run the web turned into massive centralized data centers required to run these platforms. The introduction of smartphones only sped the centralization process up. Now there are countless concerns regarding advertising, data breaches, privacy, censorship, and data loss.
  • Web 3.0 (2021): With the introduction of cryptocurrency and NFTs, among other technological advancements, Web3 has taken the world by storm. It’s clear that the main goal of Web3 is to bring back decentralization to the internet, which gives power back to the users as opposed to large corporations.

    Furthermore, Web3 aims to provide transparency and a censorship-resistant world where users have more control over their digital identity via digital ownership and authentication.

    That said, there are many moving pieces to this new iteration of the internet, and it’s set to change the way our world operates. Cyber Scrilla aims to help you understand each moving part.

We aim to do this by creating simplified articles and other forms of content such as videos that break down everything that’s happening around in the space.

About Alex White-Gomez

At a Web3 conference

So, who am I? I’m glad you asked.

I’m Alex White-Gomez, the creator of Cyber Scrilla, a professional writer, and Web3 enthusiast. I began researching Web3 technology in 2021, and have since written hundreds of articles about it. I have also invested 10s of thousands of dollars into various Web3 brands—and have practically 10x what I’ve invested.

Well, if I had cashed out. But I haven’t. It’s still early and the development of these brands is just beginning to really take off. So, you could say I’m in it for the long haul.

Since beginning my journey into Web3, I have been fortunate enough to work for Gary Vaynerchuk—a prominent figure in the Web3 space and serial entrepreneur. Furthermore, my work has been published by several distinguished digital media brands.

Some places you might have seen my work include:

Although my work has been published on all these amazing sites, I still strive to create the best content on the topic I’m writing about. My work is far from done.

My Previous Experience

I was never an A+ student. I was well-behaved, but the thought of school made me vomit—literally. I did just enough to get by. Outside of school, I focused on the things I really enjoyed like creating animations, playing video games, riding my bike, and working out.

I don’t have a college degree.

Rather, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a kid. I started off selling lemonade, flowers, and anything else I could find to make a little bit of cash so I could buy things that I found interesting. Mainly video games and other cool tech toys.

My first “real” job was at a grocery store, where I worked my way up to store manager within a matter of years. I eventually realized the amount of work I was putting in along with the stress wasn’t worth it.

That’s when I realized I could use my work ethic to build something myself.

So, I quit my job and took a minimum wage position at a startup detailing cars. It was a struggle, but it was also one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever worked. And I learned a lot about running a small business.

Eventually, I was introduced to the owner of another startup in the marijuana industry. It was a shop located in a small town with only 400 people. After working a 12-hour shift to test it out, I decided it was worth the 200-mile drive.

I started out at the bottom as a budtender—basically a salesman. It didn’t take long for me to start incorporating what I had learned in the retail business to help the shop build out its entire inventory department which included marketing and a more systematic approach to inventory control.

From there, I went on to help build the wholesale department. At that point, I was managing two stores and a team of employees who I still adore to this day, along with supplying the state of Oregon with our own line of products.

On the side of all this, I created Cyber Scrilla. I had recently discovered Web3 through Gary Vee, and from that point on I was hooked. But, I noticed there was a lack of information regarding the technology, hence I created this website.

As great as things were going at the shop, I walked away from it all for an opportunity to work for Gary Vaynerchuk as his NFT/Web3 writer. Not only did I take a pay cut, but I left behind a team of people I really enjoyed working with. Nonetheless, I couldn’t pass it up.

Alex White-Gomez and Gary Vee at Web3 conference.
Me and Gary Vaynerchuk at the Veecon Web3 Conference

After completing a 6-month contract working for Gary’s company, I decided to take what I had learned and apply it all to building Cyber Scrilla. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

Editorial Standards

Disclaimer: Cyber Scrilla doesn’t accept payments for favorable reviews, and the affiliates and companies we work with don’t influence their ranking or inclusion in our articles.

It’s our goal to provide unbiased, honest content to help our readers make the best decisions possible. This means testing out products, services, and platforms and providing transparent, honest results to help you make the right decision.

The accuracy of the information on this site is important to us. So, if you spot any errors or have any questions, please get in touch through our Contact Page.

Also, you can find more content on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.