How to Get Veve Drops FAST (Preparation and Drop Strategies)

Trying to get a Veve NFT drop has proven to be quite a challenge. You do everything in your power and you show up early but your efforts are to no avail. So, how do you get Veve drops fast?

How to Get Veve Drops Fast

There are plenty of things you can do the day of a Veve drop to make sure you’re prepared. Everything listed below will help increase your odds of getting a Veve to drop fast. It’s important to do these steps on the day of the drop and preferably as close to the drop time as possible. 

Reboot your router

Preferably an hour or two before the drop, you should restart your router. To do this, simply unplug your router from the power source for 10-30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Before a Veve Drop, reboot your wifi router for increased internet speed.
Unplug your router for 30 seconds to reboot it

Rebooting your router clears its short-term memory (cache) and keeps your internet operating at optimal speed. It also enables the router to choose the least crowded channel for each frequency, which equates to a stronger connection to your device.

Remove the protective case from your device

If your device has a protective case on it, make sure to take it out of its case before the drop. Having your phone (or computer) in a case can affect its wifi connection and actually decrease internet speed.  

Also, it’s best to be within close proximity of your wifi router to ensure a stable internet connection. That said, many serious Veve collectors recommend using a lightning to ethernet cable adapter to hook your iOS (or Android) device directly to your router for ultra-fast internet.

Test your internet speed

Once your restart your router, it’s not a bad idea to test your internet speed. A good download speed is considered to be at least 100 Mbps while a good upload speed is at least 10 Mbps.

Before a Veve drop, test your internet speed to make sure it's optimal.
My current internet speed

If your internet speed is below the recommended Mbps and you’ve already rebooted your router, try clearing your device’s cache or using an internet browser that blocks ads such as Brave or DuckDuckGo.

Choose your device (mobile or desktop)

Knowing whether your will be using your mobile or desktop device for a drop is important. Many of the tactics used to secure a Veve drop are all done on mobile devices. However, if your desktop computer is quicker than your mobile device, you might want to consider using it instead.

Also, it’s wise to test the internet on both your mobile and desktop devices. When testing your mobile device, make sure to test it using your wifi and then again using your phone’s service to see which is quicker.

In some cases (like if you have 5G), your phone may be quicker than your wifi. 

Make sure your device is charged

Whether you decide to use your mobile phone or desktop computer, make sure that it’s charged. There’s nothing worse than your device’s power shutting off right before the drop.

Make sure to charge your device before a Veve drop.
Charge your device

In fact, it’s best to have your device plugged into a power source during the drop. However, this might not be possible if you are connecting your device directly to your router. In this case, it’s especially important to make sure your device is fully charged.

Close all other apps and windows

It’s crucial to close all other windows and apps on your device before the drop. Having multiple apps open at the same time on your mobile device will slow it down. 

Similarly, having numerous windows open and programs running on your desktop device is guaranteed to decrease its performance. This is a simple ask, but it can be the difference between getting a Veve drop or not.

Remove all downloaded files from the Veve app

If you are using your mobile device for the drop, make sure to remove all the downloaded files that are stored in the Veve app as this could slow the app down. You can easily redownload these files at any time.

Remove all downloaded files before a Veve drop.
Remove all downloaded files from your Veve app

To remove the downloaded files from your app, go to your Profile, Settings, My Files, then tap Remove all downloaded files.

Likewise, you can restore these files after the drop by following the same steps, except you’d select Download all files.

You only need to do this for the mobile version of the app. There are no downloaded files if you are using the web app.

Re-Install the Veve App (and uninstall apps you don’t use)

On your mobile device, it might be beneficial to uninstall and then reinstall the Veve app. This could help fix any bugs the app might be experiencing, and ensures you have the most recent version of the app installed.

Moreover, if you have any apps on your phone that you haven’t used in ages and you don’t need them, it’s best to uninstall them completely.

Unused apps take up storage space on your phone and they are likely running in the background. The sooner you get rid of your unused apps, the better.

Turn on do not disturb

Although turning your phone to do not disturb doesn’t increase its performance, it will prevent anyone from disturbing you during a drop. It would be terrible to receive a phone call right as you go to hit the Buy Now button.

Turn in do not disturb before a Veve drop.
Turn on Do Not Disturb

To enable do not disturb on your iPhone, go to Settings, Focus, Do Not Disturb, and toggle it on. Also, make sure there are no allowed notifications that might be able to override the do not disturb feature.

Put your phone into airplane mode (but enable wifi)

If you’ve come to the conclusion that using your mobile device on a wifi connection is the fastest option, make sure to put your phone into airplane mode (but enable the wifi). 

Turning airplane mode on disables your phone’s wireless capabilities including its mobile data and Bluetooth connectivity, both of which could interfere with your wifi connection. Just remember to make sure wifi is enabled!

Right Before the Veve Drop

Now that you’ve got all of the potential performance issues out of the way, you can focus on getting ready for the Drop. These steps are to be done 1 to 2 hours leading up to the drop. Of course, use common sense to avoid finding yourself losing out on the drop altogether.

Login to the Veve App early

You need to login into the Veve app at least 30 minutes prior to the drop as traffic tends to get very busy as the drop approaches. In some instances, especially with popular drops, you should consider logging into the Veve app 1 hour before the drop. Once you’re logged in, it’s important to remain logged into the app.

If you log out, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get back in, in time for the drop.

Make sure you know which NFT you’re buying

This might seem obvious, but it has to be said. It’s critical to know the exact NFT you want before the drop begins. There is no time to decide once the drop goes live. Don’t be caught off-guard.

Plus, knowing the exact NFT you want ensures you know how many Gems you’re going to need to buy the collectible.

Purchase your Gems

If you already have enough Gems to cover the NFT you want to get, great. If not, you need to buy your Gems before the drop starts, not during the drop once you hit Buy Now. 

Due to the high amount of traffic around drop time, buying gems during the drop is a bad idea as you might not be able to purchase them in time.

What Not to Do During a Veve Drop

Now that you know everything you need to do to have the best odds of getting a Veve drop, it’s time to talk about what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t use bots

Don’t try to game the Veve app by using a bot. Although bots can “click” a button faster than humans, Veve knows if you are using a bot. If you use a bot or script to try and win a drop, you are in direct violation of Veve’s Terms and Conditions, which can result in certain features being restricted or your account being permanently disabled.

Avoid using a massage gun or tapping too fast

Using a massage gun on your finger to tap the screen at an unhuman speed is tempting, but rumor has it, that it could get you banned. Many YouTubers and Reddit goers have commented on this matter saying they know someone who’s been banned for tapping too fast.

Others have argued that it’s a combination of things that lead to an account being flagged and eventually banned. Whether using a massage gun to out-tap the competition is frowned upon by Veve is beyond me. But, in my opinion, it’s not worth the risk.

In fact, it has been said that tapping the screen at a more steady rate (twice per second) may be a more effective method and is less likely to get you banned from Veve.

What Is Veve’s Blind Box?

With Veve’s Blind Box purchase, you don’t know which collectible NFT you will receive until after your purchase is complete. A Blind Box drop contains multiple collectibles in a set with a randomized outcome. That is, if you can get the drop then you are assigned a random collectible from the set.

Veve Blind Box drops

Blind Boxes give everyone a chance at obtaining varying levels are rare collectibles. You can purchase multiple blind boxes, however, with a popular drop, this can be near impossible to accomplish. 

Your chances of obtaining certain rarities depend on the total quantities for each available rarity. For example, if there are 10,000 NFTs available the breakdown might look something like this:

  • Ultra Rare (1,000): 1 in 10 chance
  • Rare (2,000): 2 in 10 chance
  • Uncommon (3,000): 3 in 10 chance
  • Common (4,000): 4 in 10 chance

Since Veve uses complete and autonomous randomization, everyone has the same odds of receiving a rarer collectible.

Best Strategy to Get Blind Box Drops

Blind Box drops have a single Buy Now button along with a countdown timer. Once the timer reaches zero, the screen auto-refreshes, and the option to purchase the blind box appears. 

This is where a little strategy and a lot of luck come into play. One method you can try is space gate.

Space Gate

The space gate method consists of continuously tapping the space between the “Notify Me” button and the drop-down menu in an attempt to hit the “Buy Now” button the moment it appears. Once there are only 2 to 4 seconds left on the timer, start tapping the space where the “Buy Now” button will appear.

Space gate is a good strategy to try and win Veve's Blind Box drops.
Space Gate Strategy

This method has proven to be somewhat effective as it ensures you are one of the first users to tap the “Buy Now” button. However, don’t tap too fast or you risk being banned by Veve.

Blind Box drops generally sell out in a matter of seconds. But, that doesn’t mean you still don’t have another opportunity. Since there is a limited time window to complete a transaction after you hit the “Buy Now” button, some transactions are put back into the queue after the user fails to complete it.

What Is a Rebound Drop?

A rebound drop places failed transactions back into the queue to allow users another chance to buy the drop. Rebound drops occur in 4 minutes intervals after a drop begins until the collectibles are sold out. This time does change on a regular basis. As time goes on, rebounds become less likely.

There’s no way to know if or when a rebound drop will happen. However, there is a method that can increase your chances of getting a rebound drop.

Best Strategies to Get Rebound Drops

When a drop sells out, the “Buy Now” button changes to a gray “Sold Out” space. However, if a rebound drop occurs, that “Sold Out” button will revert back to the “Buy Now” button. So your goal is to be on the drop page the moment that button appears.

There are several methods you can try to use to secure a rebound drop. Let’s take a look at them.

Wait Gate

Wait Gate is a good strategy to try and win Veve's Rebound drops.
Wait Gate Strategy

Wait gate is when you enter the Rebound drop page at the exact time the “Buy Now” button is supposed to appear. Except, rather than clicking the button, you wait for the next interval opportunity, so that the button is already up. To do this, you need to use a timer to time the intervals perfectly.

The wait gate method gives you an advantage because you don’t have to click on the drop page and then scroll down to tap the “Buy Now” button. Instead, you’re there waiting to strike.

Brave Gate

The brave gate method is when you skip the initial drop altogether so that the “Buy Now” button remains on the page, even after the drops sell out. Then, once the first rebound drop occurs, your “Buy Now” button is already there and you secure the drop.

This method is extremely risky as there is no guarantee that a rebound drop will occur. Also, you must know the interval times and use a timer to know when you should tap the “Buy Now” button.

Best Strategy to Get Comic Drops

Comic drops aren’t as difficult to get as most Blind Box drops. Also, when Comic drops sell out, the “Buy Now” button doesn’t always disappear, making it easier for you to secure a rebound drop. There are a couple of strategies you can try to get a Comic drop.

Align Gate

The Align Gate Strategy works well for getting Veve Comic drops.
Align Gate Strategy

Align gate is when you line up the potential “Buy Now” button with the error message that appears, then begin to continually tap a few seconds before the interval is up and the drop begins. Be aware, that the “Buy Now” button might freeze if you are tapping the screen too fast.


The countdown strategy works by patiently waiting for the drop timer to strike zero. Only once the timer shows zero should you click the screen and tap the “Buy Now” button as it appears. To get a rebound comic drop, time the interval then hit the “Buy Now” as soon as it’s time. 

Best Strategies to Get Classic Collectible Drops

Although there aren’t as many Collectoble drops as there are other types of drops, there are still proven strategies you can use to try to get one of these drops. That said, the Align Gate strategy can work for this type of drop as well.

Tab Gate

Tab gate is a strategy that’s used to add the drop page to each tab on your Veve app. This increases the likelihood that the “Buy Now” button will stay on the page so you can click it when the Rebound drop occurs. 

Follow the steps below to get the “Buy Now” to appear on each tab (Store, Feed, Collection, Profile). Note that the Market tab is unavailable during drops.

Store Tab:

  1. Go to the drop page on the Store tab.
  2. Select one of the NFTs that’s dropping.
  3. You will use this page to add the “Buy Now” button to the other tabs.

Feed Tab:

You can add the Buy Now button to every tab for a Veve drop with this strategy.
  1. In the Store tab, tap the share to feed button on the NFT (and add a message).
  2. Go to the Feed tab, and click View in Store.
  3. Now the drop is available on this tab.

Collection Tab:

You can add the Buy Now button to every tab for a Veve Rebound drop using this strategy.
Add to wish list, tap Notify Me, go to Collection tab, then My Wishlist
  1. Go to the Store tab, and add the NFT to your Wish List.
  2. Make sure to tap the “Notify Me” button.
  3. Go to the Collection tab.
  4. Scroll down to My Wishlist where you will find the drop.

Profile Tab:

With this Veve Drop strategy you can add the Buy Now button to your profile tab.
Go to Profile, Notifications, View Thread, View in Store
  1. Go to your Profile tab.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Access the feed from there.
  4. Find a post with the View in Store button.
  5. Then you can view the drop page on your Profile tab.

Now when the drop begins, you can use any of the tabs you want to access the drop. Use the Store tab to try to win the initial drop. 

But, if you miss the initial drop, check each tab to see if one of them kept the “Buy Now” button on the page. This is the button you will use to try to win the Rebound drop.

Starbucks Gate

Starbucks gate consists of going to a Starbucks location for the drop to use their wifi. The thought behind this strategy is that Starbucks has some of the best wifi. Therefore, you can use this to your advantage, especially if you don’t have a good internet connection at home.

Final Thoughts

Veve drops can be difficult to secure. However, by utilizing the techniques mentioned in this guide, you can increase your chances to get a Veve drop fast. That said, getting a drop can take time. If you don’t win the initial drop, be patient and try to get a Rebound drop. It can take upwards of 20 minutes to finally get a drop. Good luck!

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