What Is Tomi and How Does it Work?

True decentralization is still impossible because only a small group of corporations manage all the stored data. Tomi aims to eradicate this status quo and usher in the age of a truly decentralized internet.

Tomi provides services and products that specialize in cloud storage, hosting, crypto mining, hardware, and software support, and many other fields. Tomi’s main aim is to create an alternative internet controlled by the community designed to promote a free economy, speech, and web.

Below is everything you need to know about Tomi and how it’s going to decentralize our world.

What Is Tomi?

Tomi is a Web3 company that provides a wide range of services related to decentralization.

Tomi is designed to promote the free world.

The Crypto mining field is one of its primary fields of expertise. Unlike most web3 companies, Tomi focuses on both hardware and software. It has branches in New York, Tel Aviv, and Islamabad.

This project started when the team realized how intrusive most governments were with private data.

Even cryptocurrencies were not out of their grasp, even though the whole point of crypto was to abolish government control.

Thus began Tomi’s journey to establish a truly decentralized infrastructure. But achieving a truly decentralized infrastructure is no easy task.

For one, it’s not something a singular entity can achieve. So, the goal became to establish an ecosystem where people could actively participate in decision-making.

The software and hardware components produced by Tomi will generate the necessary computing power to run the decentralized cloud.

The users, which would be you if you decide to join this movement, will receive adequate compensation for hosting these computers.

Spreading these supercomputers across the world will give everyone a decentralized cloud system.

Therefore the information is no longer controlled by an elite group. That will ensure free speech, free information, and uncensored knowledge for everyone.

What Problem Does Tomi Solve?

The problem with the current state of things is that no one actually has the right to free speech.

This can only be solved when we have a truly free economy, and the way to achieve that is through the establishment of a free web. Tomi aims to tackle this issue.

The government dominates the population by controlling the information channels.

The internet is under constant monitoring, and free speech is dead. Most people still live in blissful ignorance of the dystopian future that awaits us if no one does anything about the current situation.

A small group of elite organizations and people have access to all the information on the internet.

That is a truly baffling amount, considering information is the most valuable currency in the world.

It is easy to use that massive database to effectively control the course of history, and the lives of the common people.

Governments can collect all the information they want about their citizens because the entire system is under their control.

Most of the data on the internet is centralized in the archives of a handful of tech giants.

The common people are prey because both these large organizations and the government can access their data any time they want.

Governments regularly request user information from these companies and usually get what they want.

There’s no real regulation in place to stop these kinds of practices. The problem will continue as long as these centralized archives exist.

The governments have such tight control over online data because it’s stored in one place.

Well, a few places, to be exact, but still, the entire internet only has 4-5 large choke points.

Decentralization is the only way to break out of this situation, and Tomi aims to do just that.

To solve this issue, Tomi came up with a decentralized cloud model. This system will not only make the data more secure but also make it travel faster.

Once completed, global communication will undergo a massive revolution. Instead of a single core archive, there will now be mini archives worldwide. 

This process not only increases the security of the data but also makes everything faster.

The decentralized cloud model is also the foundation of Edge Computing.

How Does Tomi Work?

Tomi is partnered with several brands leading web3.
Tomi’s partners

Tomi aims to break the centralized data structure by using crypto. As you probably know, cryptocurrency is one of the most successful avenues for achieving a decentralized infrastructure. Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure all have branches focused on a decentralized cloud structure.

Tomi works by providing services that help shape the decentralized platform. It supports the free web by providing infrastructure on both the software and hardware side.

It also has a decentralized alternate server that acts as a storage for digital assets. However, it is more focused on Crypto and NFTs and the brand new aNFTs.

Tomi also sells mining-capable decentralized micro servers, digital wallets that support multiple currencies, NFT, and Pioneers club service.

Its decentralized cloud server helps build websites, not within the jurisdiction of the regional authorities. This helps bypass some regional censorship.

Tomi has also been working on decentralizing the Crypto mining system to bypass government control.

One of the recent breakthrough products in this field is the MP1 mini supercomputer. The MP1 mini mining server is the flagship product of Tomi.

Some other notable achievements of the company are: 

  • Creation of the revolutionary MP1 server
  • Prototype multi-chain digital wallet, with early stages of testing completed
  • Collaboration with a midwestern company to develop the next-gen MP2 server

Tomi is also running a Pioneers club membership program.

The Pioneers will be the initial community members in Tomi’s fight for a decentralized, free-internet and economy.

In this regard, the company is investing in building accessible software and hardware technology. In short, it is trying to push the decentralization of the economy just like Filecoin, Flux, and Bitmain.

Accessibility is Tomi’s number one selling point.

Most Web3 companies try to come up with complex solutions to enforce decentralization, but Tomi is trying to make it easier for regular people to join.

What Is Tomi’s Tokenomics?

Tomi will circulate 26,000 Tomi tokens for every pioneer at the first minting event. Of these 26,00 tokens, 8000 will supplement the marketing budget, and 18,00 will go to the first-generation pioneers. That amount represents 40% of the total Tomi tokens that will be minted at the initial minting.

Tomi will also distribute 35,000 more Tomi tokens in the auction system.

The highest bidder on the daily Pioneers club membership auction can get 18,000 tokens this way. The other portion goes to the core team.

Tomi will mint 10,000,000 USD worth of Tomi tokens at the start of every year. That will go towards the funding of future projects, and be controlled exclusively through Tomi DAO.

The people responsible for supplying the computing power will also be adequately rewarded. They’ll get 1 Tomi token for each 0.47 TCP (Tomi Computing Power) they provide.

TCP is measured at a power equivalent to the amount produced by a computer running at 0.416 MH/s for one year.

The community can also dictate the minting of additional tokens under certain circumstances.

Tomi’s Community And DAO

The DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a business model that has risen in popularity on Blockchain in recent years.

The driving element behind this model is the participation of the community members. The people that join a DAO-centered community have a real say in what direction they want things to go.

Tomi’s goal from the start was to let real power go back where it belongs, in the hands of the people.

That’s why the DAO model synergizes very well with Tomi’s agenda. A significant portion of the profits generated by Tomi will go towards the DAO.

It will get 7% of total profits, 51.5% of the revenue generated through the auction system, and 50% of the profits from sales. Last but not least, proceeds totaling 15% will all go to the DAO to handle. 

The members of the DAO community will decide what to do with this resource.

This way, the people in Tomi’s community can influence what direction they want to move the company.

The DAO participation requires the use of the Tomi Governance token. The funds will stay in a multi-signature wallet controlled by several trustworthy members.

The DAO community will also act as the legislative body and make guidelines to prevent the misuse of Tomi’s resources.

The said business model ensures transparency and fairness for all parties involved. Which is one of the reasons why the DAO model is so widely popular.

Tomi’s Pioneer Program

Tomi’s Pioneers program is for community members and customers in the initial stages.
Tomi’s Pioneer Program

Tomi’s Pioneers program is for community members and customers in the initial stages. This program will go live during the first minting event.

If you happen to miss the initial event, you can buy a membership for 3,000 USDT but there will only be a limited number of such memberships sold.

The Pioneers will get an exclusive auction system. There they can buy the new aNFTs. Such auctions will happen every day after the initial minting event.

One thing to note is that being a Pioneer is not the same as being an investor.

Tomi is a private company, and all its funds come from private sources. There is no way to invest in this company directly for regular people.

The Pioneers will get a few extra perks for joining the club. These include a membership card, one random aNFT, and 18,000 Tomi tokens.

There is also a surprise gift for the pioneers who joined in the first week of the initial minting event.

What Is the Tomi MP1?

The Tomi MP1 can host decentralized applications, servers, AI applications, and many other things.
Tomi MP1 Computer

Tomi’s MP1 is a supercomputer capable of generating massive computing power. It’s decked with mining capabilities rivaling dedicated mining rigs. This machine can host decentralized applications, servers, AI applications, and many other things.

The central piece in Tomi’s version of true decentralization is this supercomputer.

This hardware is the most costly and hard-to-source component for people who want to get into the circle. This issue has always persisted without any clear solution.

Building a mini server capable of mining crypto is a very difficult process for the uninitiated.

The MP1 Cloud Computer is an easily accessible device that most people can work with.

Computers with high enough computing power are very costly. It is also equally costly to keep such a machine running 24×7.

All that power and capacity comes in a compact package, making it accessible to the general population.

The computer specs are high, and it can perform any demanding task.

Some of its notable features include simulations, accelerated AI, real-time Ray tracing, VR capabilities, and blockchain mining.

A regular person can make use of all those facilities while also getting paid for hosting the MP1 cloud server.

The MP1 server can start working right out of the box, and anyone can set it up. That saves a lot of hassle for everyone involved.

The team also spent considerable time designing the rig with eco-friendliness in mind.

The MP1 rig is much more eco-friendly compared to regular dedicated mining rigs. It is energy efficient and is perfectly safe for use in a domestic environment.

What Is Tomi Wallet?

Tomi Wallet is a simple and secure mmulti-chain wallet for tokens and NFTs.
Tomi Wallet

Tomi wallet is the latest multi-chain wallet developed for a seamless Web3 experience. It can store NFTs, aNFTs, Crypto, and other assorted digital assets. One of the unique features of the Tomi wallet is its ability to connect to the decentralized network.

Digital wallets aren’t anything new to people in the crypto circles. There are so many versions available these days that choosing the right digital wallet can become a headache.

It’s a complicated process, and not all wallets have the same security standards. But Tomi wallet is one of the most secure choices available at the moment.

1. Supported Services

It is one of the few wallets that can store so many servers with the same capacity. The list of supported servers includes Ethereum, BTC, BSC, Polkadot, Tezos, Matic, Solana, Filecoin, Flux, Avalanche, and Cardano.

Tomi wallet is especially popular because of the high number of services it supports.

Any seasoned investor knows the value of information access, the Tomi wallet can integrate itself with almost all of the popular crypto sources on the blockchain.

Having everything in one place makes it much easier to manage, and many people find it to be the best choice.

2. Multi-chain

Being a multi-chain wallet gives it a distinct advantage over single-chain digital wallets.

The single chain wallets are not suitable for a truly decentralized platform. Single-chain wallets are for single public domains, and a decentralized cloud usually performs with multiple public domains. 

A single-chain wallet supports multiple public-chain digital assets, which single-chain wallets can not.

The number of public chains is increasing every day. Every month, a large number of public chains hit the market, and it can become overwhelming to get a separate wallet for all of them.

An avid investor always tries out some of the new cryptos even as experiments. So, multi-chain wallets are very practical for such people.

In almost all aspects, a multi-chain wallet is superior to the single-chain one. But incorporating more than one public chain is a tougher job than most people think. So, the multi-chain wallet usually costs a lot more.

Multi-chain wallets like the Tomi wallet also have a flash function to make exchanges easier.

That is due to some currencies having a mutual exchange system in place. Naturally, any storage has to incorporate all the facilities of the currencies it supports.

Single-chain wallets can cause congestion in the trades which makes it very frustrating for most blockchain users.

Centralized congested networks can cause transaction failures. Delays like that usually result in increased transaction fees. Tomi’s multi-chain wallet solves this issue by not relying on a single network.

3. Security features

For any kind of wallet, security is one of the most significant qualities people look for. Tomi’s Digital wallet does not disappoint on this front.

There are numerous security features in place to ensure that your assets stay as safe as they could be.

For one, the wallet has standard biometric protection, manual pin protection, 2-factor authentication, and even a set of private keys for the user.

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