Where to Keep Your Hardware Wallet (13 Clever Stash Spots)

If you own a hardware wallet, you already know how important a secure storage solution is. But where are you supposed to keep your hardware wallet? 

You don’t want to store it in some place where it will get damaged, but you don’t want anyone to find it. That’s why I came up with 13 clever stash spots to hide your hardware wallet!

Wrapping my Ledger hardware wallet in a plastic glove before hiding it.

Before getting started, I highly recommend wrapping your hardware wallet in a plastic bag or something similar.

Where to Keep Your Hardware Wallet

1. Personal safe

A sentry safe with a hardware wallet stored in it.

One of the more traditional means of storing your wallet is an at-home personal safe. This might not be the most discreet option, but it is a secure one. There are various types of safes available, from a small lock box to a mid-size bolt-down safe to a full-blow gun safe.

A smaller safe is less noticeable but easier to steal, whereas a large safe is extremely noticeable but difficult to access. That’s why I prefer a mid-size, fireproof safe that bolts to the ground.

2. Safe deposit box

Do people still use safe deposit boxes (I mean besides your grandparents)? Although a little outdated, a safe deposit box is a good option for storing your hardware wallet apart from your house.

Most banks and credit unions offer these boxes. However, it will cost you a fee and they’re not insured by the bank. So if something does happen, you’re out of luck.

3. Hidden wall safe

Now we start to get into the more creative options. If you want a secure and discreet spot to store your wallet, a hidden wall safe is a perfect option. It’s simply a fake outlet with a lock box behind it.

So, in order to access it someone would have to first know it’s a fake outlet, and second, they’d need the key to unlock the box after taking the outlet off your wall.

4. Couch cushion

A hardware wallet wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a couch cushion.

Store your hardware wallet in comfort by sliding it into your couch cushion. This works best if your cushion has a zipper so you can easily and discreetly keep it secure (don’t just set it under your cushion). Just remember to remove your wallet if you decide to sell the couch.

5. Bathroom cleaner

Yes, you read that right. A foaming bubbles bathroom cleaner diversion can is one of the best stash spots on this list in my opinion.

It’s so common that no one would ever think to open it in an attempt to find your crypto investments. Just stuff some toilet paper in it along with your wallet so it doesn’t shake around and you’re good to go.

6. Deodorant

A stick of deodorant with a hardware wallet placed inside.

Surely I’m not the only one who has used a stick of deodorant to store my valuables? This is a classic way to hide cash or jewelry when traveling.

Now you can utilize this method at home and tuck your hardware wallet inside a slightly-used stick of deodorant. Not only is it hidden in plain sight but it’ll smell good too! Nothing like a rosemary lavender-scented hardware wallet.

7. Hairbrush

Everyone has a hairbrush, but not everyone uses their hairbrush to hide their hardware wallet—until now. You can make your own diversion hairbrush safe or you can pick one up on Amazon for cheap.

Regardless, make sure it’s large enough, and be sure to use it a few times. You want it to look as nasty as possible (use extra hairspray when brushing).

8. Air vent

My ceiling air vent with a hardware wallet tucked inside.

No matter where you live, you probably have an air vent or two you can use to stash your wallet. Personally, I prefer one that’s off the ground, but if that’s all you got then it could work.

You’ll either have to use some duct tape to keep it secure so it doesn’t fall down too far or if you have a ceiling vent you can just place it on the vent itself. Just don’t crank the air too hot or cold.

9. Clock

The back of a large clock with my hardware wallet hidden in it.

Do you know what time it is? Of course you do because you probably have a clock hanging on your wall that can be used as a stash spot. And if you don’t have one you can get one.

It’s best to use a clock that’s not at all fancy. Pick up the cheapest one you can find and make sure your wallet fits in the back of it, then hang it up and call it good. If you have a larger wallet, you might need to get an actual diversion clock made specifically for stashing goods.

10. Books

Are you a bookworm? Then what better place to hide your hardware wallet than in The New English Dictionary? A dictionary is so outdated that I don’t think anyone would dare look at it, let alone pick it up to see if you’re hiding something in it.

This key-lock dictionary would blend right in assuming you already have a decent amount of books on your shelf.

11. Rice

A jar of rice with a hardware wallet inside.

It’s not unheard of to put electronics in rice, so why not use it as a long-term storage solution for your hardware wallet?

Simply toss it in a bag or a jar of rice and keep it with the rest of your food, no one will ever know. Just don’t cook with it or you’ll be having shrimp fried hardware wallet.

12. Vacuum Cleaner

A Dyson vacuum opened with a hardware wallet stashed in it.

It just so happens that I was in the middle of writing this article when I made a mess and had to vacuum it up. Then it hit me! I can hide my hardware wallet here.

Of course, it will vary by vacuum, but there are plenty of options including the attachments, hoses, filter, and dirt compartment. That said, I probably wouldn’t store it in a vacuum I use often.

13. Homegoods sign

A kitchen sign with a hardware wallet kept behind it for safekeeping.

Nearly every house I’ve been to has a decorative sign or picture frames hanging on its wall. Considering how common it is, it might just be the perfect place to keep your hardware wallet.

The higher it’s hung, the better. Just don’t put it in your prized Andy Warhol painting. Put it in something generic that no one pays any attention to like that “Kitchen” sign you probably have hung up.

14. Wall (bonus hiding spot)

A hole in my wall, inside a closet, where I hid my wallet.

Most homes have some sort of void in the wall. Whether it’s a water shutoff valve or something else, if you look hard enough you can find it.

While putting away my vacuum I noticed one in my closet. It’s a big gaping hole that’s covered by a piece of plastic—a perfect stash spot if I do say so myself. Simply toss some random brooms and other junk in front of it and no one will ever notice.

Important Note When Hiding Your Hardware Wallet

It’s important to note that your hardware wallet is only half the equation when it comes to keeping your crypto safe. Ultimately, your secret recovery phrase is what’s truly important. 

Even with a lost or broken hardware wallet, your account could still be recovered on another device as long as you have the recovery phrase.

That said, you should NOT store your secret recovery phrase with your wallet if you’re worried about someone gaining access.

It’s better to store them both separately. I think the one exception would be if you have a personal safe at home that you know no one could access or easily steal. At least they’d both be protected.

One of the best methods to ensure your hardware wallet and digital assets remain safe is by not mentioning it to anyone. The less others know about your financial situation, the better. 

Nevertheless, I realize you’ve probably already told everyone you know by now about your digital monkey collection and Bitcoin stash. So if it’s too late, you can use some of the hiding spots mentioned above to keep your hardware wallet out of sight.

Moreover, here are some quick tips to keep your recovery phrase safe.

  • Don’t share your recovery phrase. The first rule of seed phrase storage is: you do not talk about your seed phrase. The second rule of seed phrase storage is: you DO NOT talk about your seed phrase! Third rule of seed phrase storage: If someone yells “give me your seed phrase!”, you tell them “buzz off pal!”
  • Never store your recovery phrase digitally. Record your phrase using pen and paper. For added security and longevity consider transferring it to an indestructible metal seed storage plate.
  • Keep multiple copies of your recovery phrase. It’s smart to keep at least two copies of your seed phrase in case one is damaged. Again, the metal storage kit can help prevent any damage versus a piece of paper.
  • Laminate or store in a waterproof bag. If you don’t want to utilize the metal option, at least laminate or place your paper phrase in a waterproof bag to ensure it stays protected in wet conditions.
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