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The Cyber Scrilla Podcast is loaded with useful information and actionable tips to boost your NFT and Web3 knowledge and success. Our host talks about the things YOU want to hear, including guest speakers, giveaways, and more. Let us provide you with some Web3 insight you can actually make good use of.

Cyber Scrilla Podcast

Each Cyber Scrilla Podcast episode educates, entertains, and satisfies all your questions about NFTs, Web3, and future tech.

From fundamental topics like explaining NFTs to complex discussions about wallet security, the metaverse, and the future of Web3, you’ll find a little bit of everything here. This podcast is ideal for people with all levels of knowledge—you don’t need to be an expert to understand the terminology, we break it down for you. But if you are an expert, you’ll find the show just as engaging as a novice.

Feel free to listen to our embedded player here, but if you’d like to get episodes in your podcast feed, here’s where to find them:

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If you have an idea for a guest who you’d like to hear featured on the show, a topic suggestion, or just have general questions about our podcast, please reach out to us at While we can’t promise that we’ll feature every suggested guest or that we’ll cover every topic, we’ll do our best to ensure you have a continuing source of quality Web3 education and entertainment!