What Is Chingari? The Social App Giving TikTok a Run for Its Money

What is Chingari social app?

Being an influencer nowadays is one of the most desired jobs. According to a report by Morning Consult, about 86 percent of Americans aged 13 to 38 would like to try out being an influencer as their full-time gig. However, due to the current creator economy, many creators aren’t paid as well as they should be. Now with Web3, Chingari aims to change that.

Chingari is a short-form video-sharing app. Similar to TikTok, users can create videos with added special effects and like, comment, and share other users’ videos. It’s also the first social app in the world to reward crypto to its users for uploading, liking, sharing, and commenting on videos.

Even though Chingari could be considered TikTok’s competitor, they are actually aiming to change the entire creator economy for the better. Here’s how.

What Is Chingari?

The Chingari app was originally launched by co-founders Sumit Ghosh, Biswatma Nayal, and Deepal Salvi, in the Google Play Store in November 2018. Although Chingari is an India-native app, it supports over 20 languages with users creating content in English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Odia, and Punjabi to name a few.

After India decided to ban TikTok in June 2020, due to national security issues; Chingari was able to leverage all of India’s users who were previously on TikTok for their platform. After the app’s rebranding in 2020, the number of downloads increased substantially. Currently, Chingari has over 107 million downloads from all around the world.

In an attempt to create a crypto-empowered creator economy, Chingari launched its GARI Mining Program. With this, Chingari becomes the first social app in the world to offer cryptos to its creators. The Gari Mining program is expected to empower 4 crore (40 million) monthly average users (MAU).

GARI Mining Program

The GARI Mining Program is a Create-2-Earn, Watch-2-Earn, and Engage-2-earn program that empowers creators and users to earn GARI. GARI is the platform’s native Social Token for doing in-app activities including creating, liking, and sharing videos.

Co-founder & CEO of Chingari and GARI token, Sumit Ghosh said, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce the GARI Mining program. We promised to democratize the creator economy when we launched Chingari a few years back and the GARI Mining is at the vanguard of that process. This program will ensure a level playing field for big and humble creators.”

He added, “Now, creators and users on the app can earn GARI tokens which can be traded on exchanges for money and creators will not be at the mercy of brand collaborations as their only source of income. The program will offer Rs. 93 crore (12 million) to the creators and users annually.”

Chingari stated that GARI tokens will be distributed to the creators from a daily pool of 50,000 tokens, out of which 5,000 tokens will be set aside for the daily login bonus. The remaining 45,000 GARI will be rewarded to the users for engaging in in-app activities including watching, liking, and sharing videos on the app.

Earnings can be further increased by using GARI Badges which are NFTs a user can purchase in the Chingari app to multiply their daily earnings up to 10x, depending on your badge level. There are five Badge levels including Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond that offer 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x multipliers respectively.

What Is the GARI Token?

GARI is the native token of the Chingari app. It’s built upon the Solana blockchain and enables content creators to monetize their content via the blockchain. It also serves as a governance token by allowing creators to make decisions regarding future platform developments.

The GARI token is Chingari's creator and governance token.
GARI token

The token aims to solve the current problem creators have on Web 2.0 platforms; creating great content and hardly getting paid for it. With GARI, creators are now empowered to monetize their content. 

So far, the token has been a huge success. Within 24 hours of its initial public sale, Chingari was able to raise nearly $40 million. These funds will be used to expand its team and strengthen its brand identity in non-metro areas.

Following the launch of the Mining Program, the GARI token rose nearly 40%. As per CoinMarketCap data, currently, Gari Network touched an intraday high of $0.8387. The token has jumped by 39.23% compared to the previous day’s low of $0.6024.

However, currently, GARIs token price has corrected and is trading around $0.8062 up 8.86%. At the current price level, the token’s market cap is $36,858,343.

How to Earn GARI Using the Mining Program

Users of Chingari earn GARI tokens by creating, watching, and engaging with content on the platform. Below is a list of actions that will earn you Gari.

Earn GARI by creating and engaging with content on the platform.
GARI image
  • Log in to the app
  • Direct tips
  • Post a video
  • Watch a video
  • Recieve likes
  • Like others’ videos
  • Share your own videos
  • Share others’ videos
  • Receive comments
  • Comment on others’ videos
  • Gain followers
  • Follow others

That’s right, you earn for engaging. The things that we already do on a daily basis are now incentivized by cryptocurrency. All you have to do is download the app on Google Play or the App Store, create your account, and start engaging.

Additionally, you can buy GARI on some of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms or in-app if you’re feeling extra bullish. 

Can You Earn Money Using Chingari?

You can earn money on Chingari by simply engaging with the platform. Upon engagement, you earn GARI tokens which can be exchanged for real money. From there, you can either leave the tokens in your account and let them accrue value as GARI continues to rise or cash them out at major exchanges.

Essentially, the more you engage with the platform and other users, the more you earn. That also means if you can foster a large following, then you are going to earn a lot more money than someone who receives less engagement.

With this type of create-to-earn structure, I believe it’s the fairest way to pay creators for their hard work. If you don’t consider yourself a creator, then that’s okay too. You still get rewarded for interacting with content that others create. It’s a true win-win situation.

Who Is Chingari For?

Chingari is for creators and consumers from all around the world. If you enjoy watching or creating content (or both) and would like to get paid to do it, then Chingari is for you. It’s simple to sign up for, easy to use, and entertaining to consume.

Chingari is for the entire world. The app supports over 20 languages.
Chingari is for everyone around the globe

With its Create-2-Earn, Watch-2-Earn, and Engage-2-earn program, creators and consumers are the heart of the platform. If you don’t believe me, then the platform’s 40 million monthly active users (MAUs) are proof that people love the app—and Chingari is aiming to further increase user engagement by strengthening its local content portfolio using its 20+ languages on the platform.

Ultimately, Chingari gives us a bright look into the potential of Web3 and how it’s going to revolutionize the creator economy. Soon, users won’t just sit back and consume content, but they’ll be incentivized to use these platforms they already know and love today.

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