A Proper Intro to Somnium Space Metaverse

Somnium Space is a metaverse platform carrying many desirable traits. You are invited to continue to learn more about what makes this platform unique and why you may consider investing your time in learning more about this world.

The developers at Somnium Space are ambitious when it comes to providing the tools and resources that buyers may need to unlock the full potential of this metaverse.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a social and persistent virtual reality world shaped entirely by the players with its economy and ownership tied to the blockchain. You can buy land, build and import objects, and instantly monetize your digital assets.

This virtual reality world can be viewed on all the popular VR headsets and accessed for free on your web browser. This application is competing with many other entries, such as Roblox and Facebook Meta to create what could be described as a 3D virtual network, aka the metaverse.

Somnium Space offers users numerous opportunities:

  • Participants are able to buy parcels of land in the space as investments
  • Whatever you build, create or display has the potential to increase the value of a parcel
  • Creators are able to display their handiwork (such as paintings, animations, architecture, etc.) for all to see with low overhead costs
  • There’s massive potential for virtual office space, training sites, games, and of course monetization similar to a real-life business

What can you do in Somnium Space?

As a Somnium Space user, you can buy digital land, homes, architectures, and a multitude of in-game assets of value. The captivating dynamics of Somnium Space allow users to build, script, and monetize their environments as well as explore other user’s environments and creations.

Somniums Space aims to build an entirely new virtual-world for the next level of communication, e-commerce, and entertainment, offering users not only a place to grow their business, but a place to call home as well.

The team at Somnium Space has created and is in the constant process of further developing a platform with a user-friendly interface for those who want to access the metaverse and everything this virtual space offers.

Here is a list of things you are able to do within Somnium Space:

  1. Land Transactions: You can buy and sell real estate
  2. Build: Virtual architecture can be fully customized with walls, pillars, plants, and other structures. You can toggle between many texture and color options.
  3. Create an Avatar: You are able to customize your own avatar with various clothing and style options to create a virtual representation of yourself
  4. Travel across the Meta World: Teleporters can be accessed for a small fee. Cars have also been activated for use
  5. Gaming: Interactive gaming experiences such as arcades, racing, and shooting are supported and monetizable

Additionally, you can even upload custom home models using scripting. UnitySDK promises to support full creativity. Full-body tracking, lip, and eye-tracking are currently available while future ambitions even include smell features for avatars, supported by multi-sensory masks.

Cost and availability of land in Somnium Space

The Somnium Space map contains 5,026 purchasable land parcels. Parcel prices vary in terms of size, traits, and proximity to desirable features. Expect parcel prices to range anywhere from 3 ETH to more than 1,000 ETH. You can view current parcel prices on the Somnium Space marketplace.

Somnium Space parcels are available in 3 different sizes:

Size ClassArea (sq. Meters)Build Height Limit (m)Parcels Available(out of 5,206)
Extra Large1500501,758

Why buy land in Somnium Space?

You may benefit from buying land in Somnium Space as an investment property. Similar to real-world land, owning land in Somnium Space allows you to build your virtual home, business, and event center that you can then monetize and build your own community within your space.

Perhaps land in the metaverse isn’t yet recognized to be as valuable as real-world property, however, in time, VR properties will become highly-desirable as major brands and businesses ent

How to buy land in Somnium Space

Somnium Space does not require visitors to buy land to check out the metaverse. However, if you want to create, build and invest in the space, then you will need to know how to purchase land. Land can be bought and sold on the Somnium Space marketplace

Each land parcel is a non-fungible token (NFT), meaning that each parcel is unique and cannot be replicated. All land parcels in Somnium Space are stored on the Ethereum blockchain giving you true ownership and full customization.

To buy land in Somnium Space, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get a web3 wallet like Metamask

MetaMask is a web3 wallet application for those wishing to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. You can access MetaMask via a browser extension or a mobile app found on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

  • If you are just getting started, you will need to send ETH to your account from an exchange such as Coinbase
  • Make sure that you do this before picking out the land, since it may take several days to transfer ETH to your wallet

Step 2: View Land Parcels on the Web Map

The Somnium Space web map can be found here. The cool fact about this platform is that you can get a nice sneak peek of each property without having to register for anything or download any application.

The user interface on the web map is fairly straightforward and provides some useful info such as: 

  • Parcel height
  • Sale price and last price
  • You can highlight recently listed parcels
  • A heat map of parcel prices is available

When you click on a parcel, you are shown a link to the listing on OpenSea. You can view one land location at a time on the web browser by either joining as a guest or logging in. To view the full world, you must download the VR client from the main page and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Buy Land on the Somnium Space marketplace

Once you have clicked on the Somnium Space Marketplace link for any particular parcel, you will be redirected to a web page with the listing. You can purchase land via auction or buy now depending how the parcel is listed. Here’s what a listing looks like. You’ll notice the following:

  • Parcel dimensions are shown in the description
  • Clicking on properties shows how common the parcel’s traits are in comparison with all the properties on the map
  • The current highest offer is shown, as well as a price history (if there is any sales history)

Is every parcel in Somnium Space the same?

Every land parcel in the Somnium Space metaverse provides access to the same basic features, although some specific characteristics can make a property more valuable.

  • Dimensions: each parcel comes with height and area restrictions
  • Location: the location of the parcel will matter. Some will be closer to teleportation hubs while others are located directly along the water
  • Traffic: Every new player will spawn in the city center the first time they play. Having a parcel near the waypoint is akin to owning a website that’s the leading search result

What is Somnium Space’s Cube Token (CUBE)?

Somnium Cube (CUBE) is an ERC-20 token that acts as the native utility token for the Somnium Space platform. The CUBE cryptocurrency simplifies in-game transactions between users and can be compared to purchasing arcade game tokens. Players can store ETH, CUBE, and NFTs in a web3 wallet

CUBE acts as a link between these objects, allowing in-game e-commerce transactions to take place. The CUBE token will gain in-world usefulness as the Somnium metaverse continues to grow, allowing participants to delve deeper into the VR metaverse.

Getting your Somnium Space avatar

With CUBE, players are able to create their own full-body VR avatars on the blockchain using the Somium Space avatar SDK. Furthermore, participants may use CUBE to purchase an avatar, which then becomes part of their inventory. These avatars work in a variety of virtual environments and on several digital devices. 

Players may also purchase another user’s avatar as an NFT using the CUBE token. During the transaction, CUBE in the buyer’s wallet is swapped for NFT in the seller’s wallet. The capacity to create avatars in the Somnium metaverse demonstrates the CUBE tokens’ rising utility.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Somnium Space is a virtual reality world currently subdivided into 5,206 land parcels of varying sizes and characteristics. Parcels are purchased on the Somnium Space marketplace and all transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Buyers are presented with a blank canvas and a wide assortment of tools that they can use to attract attention to their property and monetize their assets.

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