What Is Rove? A New Way to Metaverse

The metaverse isn’t precisely defined yet, but there are still plenty of platforms that offer an immersive 3D experience for its users. Rove is one of those metaverses on the cusp of aligning popular platforms we love today, with a more immersive user experience. So what is Rove exactly?

Rove is a cross-application metaverse that enables community building. Rove empowers you to build a presence in a network of 3D websites that are immersive, real-time, and persistent. Rove can act as the 3D version of popular platforms including Shopify, Behance, Slack, Reddit, and WordPress.

Entering the metaverse can seem like quite the task for a newcomer. Some metaverses require a capable computer, fancy hardware, and software you may have never heard of. However, Rove wants the metaverse to be as simple as going online. After interviewing a Rove representative, I learned exactly how they aim to ease the metaverse experience for the majority of online consumers.

What is the Rove metaverse?

Rove is a metaverse platform that aims to be an infinitely expanding network of 3D websites. By utilizing platforms that we all love and incorporating 3D technology, Rove creates each site to be an immersive, real-time, and persistent experience. What does this mean? Allow me to elaborate.

Rove Metaverse platform and avatars

Immersiveness gives you a sense of presence, the sites’ persistent states are saved and synced among all Rove users, and the real-time expereince means the sites are constantly rendered to all devices accessing them.

That being said, you don’t need a special computer or pricey hardware to enjoy Rove. All you need is an internet connection and a basic computer or smartphone. Moreover, rather than just consuming media, Rove allows you to participate and create.

Essentially, Rove builds 3D environments for every kind of web presence that’s often used today. Whether you run your own blog, shop, or another type of online portfolio, Rove can bring it into the wonderful and immersive world of 3D.

The best part about Rove is that they are not trying to be an infrastructure blockchain, but rather, an application that sits on top of multiple blockchains, allowing people with different blockchain preferences to still utilize the Rove metaverse.

What can you do in Rove?

The Rove metaverse allows you to build, browse, and own the 3D web. You can build your own 3D site, browse other sites, and because everything in Rove is permissionless by design, you can operate your own website freely outside the jurisdiction of centralized institutions and corporations.

The Rove Metaverse apartment

Below, we will further explore everything you can do in Rove.


You can build your own interactive 3D/VR space by simply applying a website template using the drag and drop function. That’s right, no coding skills are required. You can build your own 3D Shopify-like store in a matter of minutes, build a virtual gallery for clients, or let your consumers meet you in the metaverse, by turning your personal website into your own 3D home.

Rove gives you the ability to customize your space however you want. You can hang your own photos, showcase your NFT collection, and even display your own website using the virtual projector.

Whatever it is that you might already be doing online, you can enhance the expereince by inviting people to your new and improved 3D space!


Looking for another platform where you can easily build your community? Then, Rove is the metaverse platform for you.

In the world of Rove, every website is someone’s address. You can visit these 3D homes, stores, galleries, offices, and other community spaces easily. Again, you don’t need a special computer or additional hardware to enjoy Rove, all you need is your phone or computer, and a decent internet connection.


The Rove metaverse is permissionless by design. That means you can create your own website and operate it freely without being controlled by the jurisdiction of centralized institutions and corporations.

Furthermore, assets in Rove are owned by the users, not Rove. This is accomplished through NFT technology which is only accessible through a user’s private key. This gives you complete control over your creations.

That means not only can you display your favorite NFTs, but you can actually mint your space on the blockchain so that you are the true owner of your Rove metaverse space. You can mint your Rove space on multiple blockchains including Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, Phantom, Harmony, and Near to name a few. Furthermore, there will be even more blockchains that allow you to mint your own Rove space in the future. 

Room limit

In Rove there is a limit of ten people who can speak at the same time. However, twenty to thirty people can be enabled for special events and AMAs. 

Is Rove VR compatible?

Rove is not currently VR compatible. Originally, Rove was designed to work with the Meta Oculus Quest. However, the team quickly realized there is a very small audience to require virtual reality hardware. 

So, although the Rove team has the ability to integrate VR, their main focus is to onboard people into the metaverse without requiring expensive equipment such as virtual reality hardware.

Besides VR, interactivity is the future of Rove. Various items will enliven the Rove environment by being much more interactive in the future. Additionally, there will be more environments to utilize, such as a beach, a lecture room, and other fun spaces users will be able to build within.

How to enter the Rove metaverse

Creating your own account and entering into the Rove metaverse is super simple. Just follow these four easy steps.

1. Visit the Rove Website or Download the App

Rove Metaverse homepage

If you are on your computer, simply visit Rove.to to create your account. If you are on a mobile device, you can download the Rove App for free on the App Store or Google Play. (When setting up a new account, I suggest using the desktop version for a friendlier user experience.)

2. Create Your Account

Next, create your account. All you need to create an account is your email address. After entering the one-time code that’s sent to your email, you will then be asked to create your username and choose your avatar.

3. Choose Your Avatar

Now comes the fun part—choosing your avatar. You can choose from the provided avatars or take a selfie and customize your own. The selfie will be used as a base to create your customized avatar. From there, you can edit everything from the shape and color of your eyes to the style of clothes you’re wearing.

Rove Metaverse: Choose your avatar
Creating a life-like avatar using the selfie option
My avatar in Rove

4. Enter the Rove Metaverse

Once you have created an avatar that best represents you, now it’s time to enter the Rove metaverse. You start off in your apartment where you can change the images on your wall, display your NFTs, record your avatar, and even project your own website on the wall.

Displaying this website in the Rove Metaverse

If you want others to join you in your room, simply send them the link by clicking Share home URL. This link will teleport other users straight into your virtual living space.

Likewise, if you want to get out and explore other spaces, select Explore to bring up the virtual map. From there you can teleport to wherever you want.

Yes. It’s that easy…

Explore function in Rove

Is Rove metaverse right for you?

I’m well aware that many people might be nervous to try something as taboo as the metaverse. Knowing this, I was curious to hear what the team at Rove would tell someone who might be hesitant to enter into a metaverse such as Rove. Here’s what their rep said:

Rove Metaverse avatars

“Just think of it as a way to communicate, there’s no harm in trying. You don’t have to invest any time more than just a few minutes of your time. Go to a website, put in your email, and log in. And again, also, there’s no expectation of having to do anything—just go in and enjoy the space.”

This is great advice and the advice that I have always lived by myself. If you are curious to know more about something, there’s no better way to figure out if you like it than by trying it for yourself. And Rove makes it so easy for unsavvy tech people. It’s not any more difficult than creating a social media account.

Ultimately, the main goal of the Rove metaverse is to enable community building across all the different NFT communities and blockchain platforms. Because it is so easy to access the Rove metaverse, communities can easily interact with each other in a shared virtual space without needing to worry about physical location, while still enjoying an immersive experience.

Make sure to follow Rove for all their latest updates on Twitter and join their community on Discord. Also, you can watch the full interview on YouTube.

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