VeeFriends NFTs Explained: A Guide to Gary Vee’s NFT Project

If you follow Gary Vee, you’ve likely heard of VeeFriends. When I first heard Gary mention VeeFriends NFTs, I couldn’t help but research every aspect of the brand. Throughout my research, I ended up purchasing four of my own VeeFriends NFTs. So, what is VeeFriends? Here’s everything you need to know.

VeeFriends is a brand created by Gary Vaynerchuk that utilizes NFT technology to deliver value and access to holders. VeeFriends is made up of 283 characters who emphasize Gary’s perspective on life. Gary aims to build a massive IP around the brand to share his values with the world.

Of course, there is a lot more to VeeFriends than what meets the eye. Let’s break down this project in its entirety.

What Is VeeFriends NFT?

VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs are characters hand-drawn by Gary Vee himself.
VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs

VeeFriends initially launched as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Known today as the Series 1 VeeFriends, the initial drop totaled 10,255 tokens and contained 268 characters that were hand-drawn by Gary. The project initially launched using a dutch auction (decreasing price) method.

Gary created the initial VeeFriends intellectual property using NFT technology. He strongly believes that this technology will be around for decades to come, and is the next evolution of the internet.

By using NFT technology to provide holders with additional value through products, experiences, proof of transparency, and verifiable ownership, Gary says that VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs are the holy grail of the VeeFriends legacy.

Gary Vee’s comments about VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs

He’s made several public comments stating that Series 1 NFTs will always be the alpha.

And even though all of the VeeFriends tokens’ underlying utility expires in May of 2024, Gary plans to provide value to holders by continuing to build meaningful intellectual property around the VeeFriends brand.

He’s compared it to building the next Disney or Pokemon, and the Series 1 NFTs are the fruition of his vision for the next 40+ years.

A Breakdown of the VeeFriends NFT Collection

VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs breakdown

The 268 characters NFTs in Series 1 are broken down into Admission, Access, and Gift Tokens: 

  • 235 Admission Tokens (9,400 total): Holders gain access to VeeCon.
  • 32 Access Tokens (300 total): Holders gain varying access to Gary and VeeCon.
  • 1 Gift Token (555 total): Holders receive 36 total gift experiences and access to VeeCon.

As you might notice, all VeeFriends NFT holders are eligible to attend the VeeCon conference every year for three years straight (2022, 2023, and 2024).

This conference is a way for Gary to add instant value to all VeeFreinds NFT holders. Moreover, Gary has mentioned that he’s always wanted to hold a mega-conference, and VeeCon is just that.

That said, VeeCon isn’t the only initial utility Gary provided to holders. Below is a complete breakdown of all the VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs.

Admission Tokens (235 Tokens)

VeeFriends Admission Tokens grant holders access to VeeCon and other initiatives.
Content Condor Admission Tokens

All 235 of the VeeFriends Admission Token characters have 40 tokens each, along with the same rarity structure, which is distinguished by the background. Below is a complete breakdown of each rarity, background, number of tokens, and original mint price.

Rarity / BackgroundNumber of Tokens per CharacterOriginal Mint Price
(Dutch Auction)
Core (White Background)202.5 – 0.5 ETH
Rare (Brown Background)82.5 – 1 ETH
Very Rare (Orange Background)52.5 – 1.5 ETH
Epic (Green Background)22.5 – 2 ETH
Spectacular (Lava)17 – 3 ETH
Spectacular (Gold)17 – 3 ETH
Spectacular (Bubblegum)17 – 3 ETH
Spectacular (Diamond)17 – 3 ETH
Spectacular (Hologram)17 – 3 ETH
VeeFriends Admission Tokens Breakdown

Access Tokens (32 Tokens)

VeeFriends Access Tokens provide holders with exclusive in person and virtual access to Gary.
VeeFriends Access Tokens

There are a total of 300 VeeFriends Access Tokens featuring 32 characters. Of these 300 Access Tokens, there are 165 Group, 108 one-on-one, 22 Competition, and 5 Scholarship tokens.

Below is a complete breakdown of each character, access, number of tokens, and original mint price.

CharacterAccess TypeNumber of TokensOriginal Mint Price
(Dutch Auction)
Breakfast BatGroup / In person1015 – 10 ETH
Brunch BearGroup / In person1015 – 10 ETH
Lunch LadybugGroup / In person1015 – 10 ETH
Dinner DearGroup / In person1015 – 10 ETH
Hangout HawkGroup / Virtual1258 – 3 ETH
Facetime Flea, Facetime Frog, Facetime Fly, Facetime Five, Facetime Fox One-on-one / Virtual858 – 3 ETH
Garage Salin YaleOne-on-one / In person115.37 ETH
Supper SunfishOne-on-one / In person118.85 ETH
Workout WolfOne-on-one / In person110 ETH
Part of the Team DreamOne-on-one / In person115.19 ETH
Podcast PantherOne-on-one / In person110.26 ETH
Courtside CatOne-on-one / In person117.28 ETH
Jam Session SnailOne-on-one / In person119.24 ETH
Wine Shopping Spree WoodchuckOne-on-one / In person118.02 ETH
Mentor Meeting MongooseOne-on-one / In person349 – 21 ETH
Keynote KoalaOne-on-one / In person515.26 – 15 ETH
“Gone Fishing” FishOne-on-one / In person118.23 ETH
Poker PirateOne-on-one / In person110.22 ETH
Shadow Me ScorpionOne-on-one / In person117.88 ETH
Bubble Hockey Basset HoundCompetition / In person110 ETH
Checkers ChickenCompetition / In person110 ETH
Ping Pong KalongCompetition / In person110 ETH
Tennis ElbowCompetition / In person110 ETH
Video Game VultureCompetition / In person111.88 ETH
Uno UnicornCompetition / In person35.41 – 5.02 ETH
Basketball ButterflyCompetition / In person511.88 – 10 ETH
Bowling BoaCompetition / In person96.19 – 5 ETH
Sorcerer ScholarshipScholarship / In person5Application Only
VeeFriends Access Tokens Breakdown

Out of all the Access Tokens mentioned above, 5 of them are Scholarship Tokens. These tokens are only given to select individuals who applied to become the token holder.

If you are chosen to become the holder of a Scholarship Token, you have the chance to redeem mentoring and coaching from Gary Vee and his professional network.

Gift Goat Tokens (1 Token)

VeeFriends Gift Goat rewards holders with exclusive gifts.
VeeFriends Gift Goat and gifts

All 555 VeeFriends Gift Goat tokens provide holders with twelve gifts per year, for three years (2022, 2023, and 2024). Besides offering holders a special mix of gifts including physical items, airdrops, and IRL experiences, Gift Goats remain one of the most sought-after NFTs in the VeeFriends collection.

The initial price to mint a Gift Goat NFT started at 15 ETH and decreased until it hit the preset floor price of 5 ETH.

Here are the gifts provided to all Gift Goat holders up to this point. We will continue to update this section until all initial gifts have been delivered to holders.

Gift Number / DescriptionGift TypeGift Date
BONUS Gift “Amuse Bouche” – Future Art: Access All Art Pass: Access All Art VeeFriends Edition Holders received one Access All Art Pass NFT Access to All Future Art events worldwide including confirmed shows in Ibiza, Sydney, London, New York, and 4 pop-up events Curated NFT Art drops.NFT / ExperienceNovember 1, 2021
Gift #1 – Goat’s Arrival in Creature World: An NFT and physical art collaboration with Danny Cole’s Creature World.NFT / physical itemDecember 1, 2021
Gift #2 – The Gift Within The Goat: Pop Wonder NFT, created by Illustrator JP Downer. Plus, a satin-lined jacket adorned with embroidered patching featuring VeeFriends and a numbered woven label.NFT / physical itemJanuary 28, 2022
Gift #3 – Where My Goats Go: A partnership with NFT photographer Isaac “Drift” Wright, the artist behind the iconic NFT collection “Where My VANS Go”. Custom pair of Vans and NFT photographs taken by Isaac Wright.NFT / physical itemMarch 18, 2022
Gift #4 – Radial Infinity: Holders received a large Video Print matching the special Jen Stark NFT they received.NFT / physical itemApril 26, 2022
Gift #5 – Work Hard Play Hard: A serialized bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label featuring the Gift Goat artwork, two Italian leather coasters, and two crystal highball glasses. Plus, one of five editions of 111 NFTs, created by the one-and-only artist DeeKay.NFT / physical itemMay 3, 2022
Gift #6 -The Goat That Keeps On Chillin: A signed individual piece out of the 555 canvases that created the Gift Goat Mural presented at VeeCon, 2022. A unique 1/1 NFT featuring Gift Goat and Rare Robot, created by Timmy Ham (aka SLOTH).NFT / physical itemMay 5, 2022
Gift #7 – Duck, Duck, Goat!: A pair of Huckberry’s All-Weather Duck Boots. Plus, one Gifty Goat Delivery NFT, in collaboration with artist Frankynines, founder of MegaVoltCorp and SupDucks.NFT / physical itemJune 30, 2022
Gift #8 – Shaquille O’Neal Meet & Greet: An exclusive Gift Goat-only event in Atlanta, Georgia with VeeFriends CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk, and NBA Champion and Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal.Experience / TBAOctober 26, 2022
VeeFriends Gift Goat List

Gary Originally Owned (GOO) Tokens

Gary Originally Owned VeeFriends are initially owned by Gary Vee himself.
VeeFriends Gary Originally Owned (GOO) token

Although there are 10,255 total VeeFriends tokens, only 9,013 were available at launch. That’s because Gary kept 1,242 tokens for himself, mainly for giveaways. These tokens are known as GOOs and are significant because Gary is the original owner. Each GOO token is marked with a golden GOO Badge.

These tokens are often traded at a much higher price than “non-GOO” tokens.

Although there is no additional utility yet confirmed for owning a GOO token, many collectors still find them more valuable since Gary previously owned them and held each one in his wallet.

Why Did Gary Vee Create VeeFriends?

Why Gary Vee created VeeFriends

Prior to VeeFriends, Gary Vee aspired to create a brand called Workplace Warriors in an attempt to push the best attributes of humanity. But, once NFT technology appeared, Gary realized he could use it to develop the VeeFriends IP around these traits while scratching his entrepreneurial itch.

If you know Gary, then you know he also operates a 1,000+ employee company called VaynerMedia.

Of course, developing one of the most successful media agencies in the world didn’t happen overnight. In fact, Gary has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid.

His first business was a lemonade stand.

From there, his passion for being an entrepreneur only grew greater once he began flipping baseball cards and managed to bring home thousands of dollars every weekend.

That was until his dad gave him a job at his liquor store where he made very little money.

However, by his mid-30s, Gary grew his dad’s liquor business from $3 million annual revenue to nearly $60 million.

Only then did he go on to create VaynerMedia in addition to other brands, and now VeeFriends—which he says is his main focus.

Having said that, VeeFriends is much more than just another brand to Gary.

It’s his lifelong love of being a collector, creator, and entrepreneur, all coming together to make his dreams a reality while sharing his qualities with the world.

How Much Did VeeFriends NFTs Originally Mint For?

VeeFriends minted for varying prices depending on the type of token. The least expensive NFT minted were Access Tokens which saw a low of 0.5 ETH. The most expensive options were one-on-one, in-person tokens which minted for as much as 49 ETH. The project launched using a dutch auction method.

Considering there were various types of tokens available to mint, they all fell into different pricing categories.

That said, all of the NFT prices declined over time until reaching their prearranged floor price, this is called a dutch auction.

It took 21 days for the entire VeeFriends collection to sell out (launched on May 11 and sold out on June 1).

How Much Does a VeeFriends NFT Cost?

Core VeeFriends tokens are the least expensive, while one on one remain the most expensive.
Cost of VeeFriends NFTs

The least expensive VeeFriends are the Core (1 of 20) tokens. While the most expensive NFTs are the Spectacular and Access Tokens. VeeFriends is different from other NFTs in that certain characters are perceived to be of higher value than others.

For example, the Very, Very, Very, Very, Lucky Black Cat is the main character that represents the VeeFriends brand, hence, it’s the most sought-after character in the collection.

Some of the VeeFriends characters are considered to be more valuable simply because the qualities of the character are expressed strongly by Gary Vee himself.

Below are some of the “top” characters in the VeeFriends ecosystem.

  • Ambitious Angel
  • Adaptable Alien
  • Empathy Elephant
  • Gary Bee
  • Gratitude Gorilla
  • Heart-Trooper
  • Patient Panda
  • Patient Pig
  • Rare Robot
  • Thoughtful Three-Horned Harpik

It’s important to note that although these characters might be the most popular right now, the others can become just as popular overnight.

Gary plans to build each character up through a number of collaborations to create an array of products and experiences.

Books, games, movies, shows, toys, and clothing are all examples of how Gary plans to build each character and grow the brand to be one of the most recognized IPs in the world.

Are VeeFriends NFTs Valuable?

VeeFriends NFTs have an overall average price of 13.28 ETH according to Opensea.
Average VeeFriends value

According to statistics provided by Opensea, VeeFriends NFTs have an overall average price of 13.28 ETH. VeeFriends’ average all-time high was on January 11, 2022, at 31.70 ETH, while its low was on August 26, at 5.37 ETH. The project altogether has done over 57k ETH in sales.

It’s important to point out that this is just the beginning of the VeeFriends legacy. Prices that you see today can change in the blink of an eye. Generally, advancements and new developments with the brand lead to the NFTs increasing in value.

You can check the current price of VeeFriends NFTs on Opensea.

What Is VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs?

Series 1 VeeFriends are the original sketch while Series 2 are the public-facing characters.
Series 1 vs Series 2 VeeFriends

VeeFriends Series 2 consists of 55,555 total NFTs including the original 235 Admission characters from Series 1, plus 15 new characters all in their evolved form. The world will get to know VeeFriends through Series 2 as they are the public-facing characters, whereas Series 1 is the original sketch.

All of the Access characters from Series 1 were retired, hence, Series 2 only contains the evolved forms of the Series 1 Admission tokens. Each Series 2 NFT has a total supply of 220 tokens (with the exception of the Gift Goat, which is 555 one-of-ones.

The breakdown of the 220 tokens is as follows:

  • 214 one-of-ones: with uniquely generated combinations of characters in one of six various poses, and in front of one of fifty-five Series 2 backgrounds.
  • 6 Spectacular one-of-ones: Bubble Gum, Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Hologram, and Lava.

Since there is a larger supply of Series 2 compared to Series 1, it has allowed more people the opportunity to become VeeFriends NFT collectors.

And although Series 1 remains the supreme NFT collection, Series 2 holders still benefit from holding different characters.

Where Can I Buy a VeeFriends NFT?

You can buy a VeeFriends NFT on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea. It’s worth browsing several marketplaces to find the best deal. Be sure to purchase a VeeFriends NFT from the official collection as there are fake collections. Each marketplace should have a notation for authentic collections.

Notably, Opensea generally has the best selection of VeeFriends NFTs listed since it’s the most popular NFT marketplace. Here is a list of all the NFT marketplaces that offer VeeFriends NFTs.


How to Buy a VeeFriends NFT

1. Get a crypto wallet

To buy a VeeFriends NFT, first you need a wallet. Here's a step-by-step guide to get started.
Download a crypto wallet

Before you can buy a VeeFriends NFT, you need to get a crypto wallet. This wallet is used to buy and store your NFT.

Metamask is the most trusted web3 wallet. Simply download the wallet, record your seed phrase, create a password, and your wallet is ready to go.

That said, if you are buying an NFT like VeeFriends, you need to learn how to securely store your NFT, as a Metamask wallet is not the best storage solution for digital assets.

2. Go to and search for VeeFriends

Go to Opensea and search for the VeeFriends NFT collection. Here's what to look for.
Search for “VeeFriends”

Once you have a wallet, go to and search for VeeFriends.

Opensea uses a blue checkmark to signify an authentic collection. Tap on the collection to view all of the NFTs.

3. Find the character you want and choose your payment method

Here's a complete guide to buy a VeeFriends NFT.
Tap on the character you want to buy to choose your payment method

Use the filters provided by Opensea to search for a specific character or sort by token type, rarity, or price.

Once you find the VeeFriends NFT that you want, tap on it to “Make Offer” or “Buy Now”.

Upon choosing your payment method, you will be prompted to sign into Opensea using your wallet. You will need to sign for approval using your wallet.

Additionally, you will need to buy some cryptocurrency.

4. Load your wallet with enough crypto to buy the NFT

Once you know which VeeFriends NFT you want, you need to stock your wallet with enough crypto to buy it.

To do this, you’ll need to create an account on a trusted crypto exchange like Coinbase.

Once your account is created, you can buy crypto directly from your Metamask wallet using your Coinbase account.

After setting up your Coinbase account, you can buy crypto directly from you wallet.
Buy crypto directly from your wallet using Coinbase

As of now, most VeeFriends NFTs are listed in ETH. So, make sure to purchase ETH if you plan on purchasing one that is available via the Buy Now function.

If you decide to make an offer on a VeeFriends NFT, you will need to convert your ETH to WETH.

To do this, first load your wallet with the amount of ETH you want to offer, then, on the NFT you want to buy, tap Make Offer and follow the prompts onscreen to convert your ETH to WETH and make your offer.

Also, you will have to pay gas fees, so make sure you have extra money (at least $10 to $200) to cover this.

Here’s a great resource to learn more about how to buy NFTs on Opensea.

5. Store your VeeFriends NFT securely

After purchasing your VeeFriends NFT, you should consider a different storage solution.

Metamask works well for buying NFTs, but, by no means should it be used for long-term storage or storing high-valued assets.

The best NFT wallets are hardware wallets. If you have any NFTs of value (like a VeeFriends NFT), then you need to get them into a hardware wallet immediately.

Otherwise, you risk your wallet being hacked and your NFTs being stolen.


VeeFriends NFTs are the beginning phase of Gary Vee’s massive intellectual property brand that he will continue to build over the next 40+ years. Series 1 NFTs are proof that you stand as an early supporter of the VeeFriends brand, and there are several potential perks for being a holder.

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