Guide to VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs (Utility and Rarity Breakdown)

If you’re just learning about Gary Vee’s VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs, then you’re probably wondering what they’re all about. I’ve been following VeeFriends since Gary launched the brand in 2021. Over time, I’ve learned a lot about VeeFriends and Series 2 specifically. In this guide, I’ll share with you everything I know.

VeeFriends Series 2 is the second edition of NFTs from the VeeFriends Genesis Collection. Series 2 consists of 236 Admission Token characters from Series 1 along with 15 new characters exclusive to Series 2. There are 55,555 NFTs in this second collection, which minted on April 18 to May 12, 2022.

That said, there is so much more to learn about the Series 2 collection and Gary Vee’s vision for these characters, as well as how you can get involved. 

What Is VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs?

What is VeeFriends Series 2

Series 2 is the second set of VeeFriends NFTs, created by Gary Vaynerchuk. With a total of 55,555 NFTs and 251 characters, Series 2 offers a way for those who missed out on Series 1 to become VeeFriends NFT collectors.

Gary created VeeFriends Series 2 as a means for the world will get to know the VeeFriends brand and develop the characters.

All of the Access characters from the Series 1 Genesis Collection were retired, hence, Series 2 only contains the evolved forms of the Series 1 Admission Tokens in addition to the 15 new characters.

Each Series 2 NFT has a total supply of 220 tokens (with the exception of the Gift Goat, which is 555 one-of-ones. The breakdown of the 220 tokens is as follows: 

  • 214 one-of-ones: with uniquely generated combinations of characters in one of six various poses, and in front of one of fifty-five Series 2 backgrounds. 
  • 6 Spectacular one-of-ones: Bubble Gum, Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Hologram, and Lava. 

When Did Series 2 Drop?

Series 2 dropped on April 14, 2022, briefly for Series 1 holders. Shortly after, minting paused until Friends List opened on April 18 and then public mint on April 25. Starting April 27, the 15 new characters were dropped daily for eligible Book Game token holders until the last mint day on May 12.

The original mint price of VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs was set at 0.335 ETH (between $600.57 and $1059.66 depending on the value of ETH).

This price did not include the gas fee which cost on average $20 to $60 to complete the transaction. 

Here is an overview of how Series 2 was initially released.

  • Series 1 Free Claim: (10,255 Supply) (Briefly launched on 4/14/22 then minting was paused until 4/18/22.)
  • Friends List: (32,000 Supply) 4/18/22
  • Public Mint: (10,000 Supply) 4/25/22
  • 15 New Characters: (3,300 Supply) (Started on 4/27 until the final character dropped on 5/12.)

Originally, none of the characters were revealed until the Public Mint sold out on April 26.

That means no one knew which character they received until reveal day (with the exception of Series 1 holders who received the evolved form of their character).

What Is the Utility for VeeFriends Series 2 Holders?

VeeFriends Compete and Collect Trading Cards spread across my table
A box of Compete and Collect Cards that I opened

The only verified utility for VeeFriends Series 2 NFT holders was the option to receive one free physical box of VeeFriends “Compete and Collect” Trading Cards, which contain 52 “Series 2 Trading Cards” per box, for each NFT you minted. But, holders of various NFTs have received additional utility.

Just because there is no “guaranteed” utility for Series 2 collectors doesn’t mean that Gary doesn’t plan to provide unique perks for those who choose to own these digital assets.

Gary and VeeFriends plan to continue to provide ongoing utility for Series 2 holders through various brand collaborations, IRL and virtual experiences, and mini-drops for years to come.

Here is a list of utility that has been provided to VeeFriends Series 2 NFT holders to date. This list is continually updated for accuracy.

Token Scene / TypeSeries 2 CharacterSeries 2 UtilityUtility Date
All token scene/typeAll CharactersEveryone who initially minted a Series 2 NFT was eligible to receive a free box of Compete and Collect Trading Cards.5/16/22 – 12/31/22
THE Pickleball CourtCompetitive ClownHolders of this NFT gained VEE-IP access to the Major League Pickleball event that was held in Austin, Texas.6/3/22 – 6/5/22
All token scene/typeDriven DragonEligible to claim one Tee from the VeeFriends X Kim Shui apparel line collaboration.9/27/22 – 10/11/22
All token scene/typeBe the Bigger PersonReceive one free Macy’s X VeeFriends 6-inch Vinyl figurine of their NFT and an exclusive video call with Gary Vee.10/04/22 – 10/18/22
All token scene/typeCommon Sense CowReceive one free Macy’s X VeeFriends 6-inch Vinyl figurine of their NFT and an exclusive video call with Gary Vee.10/04/22 – 10/18/22
All token scene/typeGenuine GiraffeReceive one free Macy’s X VeeFriends 6-inch Vinyl figurine of their NFT and an exclusive video call with Gary Vee.10/04/22 – 10/18/22
All token scene/typeGratitude GorillaReceive one free Macy’s X VeeFriends 6-inch Vinyl figurine of their NFT and an exclusive video call with Gary Vee.10/04/22 – 10/18/22
All token scene/typePractical PeacockReceive one free Macy’s X VeeFriends 6-inch Vinyl figurine of their NFT and an exclusive video call with Gary Vee.10/04/22 – 10/18/22
All token scene/typeWillful WizardReceive one free Macy’s X VeeFriends 6-inch Vinyl figurine of their NFT and an exclusive video call with Gary Vee.10/04/22 – 10/18/22
VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Utility

How Is VeeFriends Series 2 Rarity Broken Down?

VeeFriends Series 2 rarity and poses
Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik Poses

Series 2 NFTs’ rarity is distinguished by Poses, Scenes, Spectaculars, and Characters. There are 8 different Poses, 74 scenes, 6 Spectaculars, and 251 total characters. Though there’s no sure way to measure rarity based on a character itself, certain VeeFriends characters are more sought-after.

Each NFT has its own unique pose and scene combo, making every Series 2 a true one-of-one. Below I will highlight these various poses and scenes found in the collection.


There are 8 total poses a Series 2 character can be found in including:

  • Classic (9,322)
  • Resting (9,024)
  • Strategizing (8,966)
  • Manifesting (8,873)
  • Competing (10,824)
  • Evolving (8,525)
  • Upside Down (special pose) (12)
  • Actively Competing (special pose) (5)

There are also 4 tokens that were compromised by malicious accounts that aren’t accounted for in the list, so It’s difficult to say for certain where they might fall.

Gary Vee talking about VeeFriends Evolving poses in Discord.
Gary Vee comments in Discord

Both the Upside Down and Actively Competing (special poses) remain the rarest poses on the list. However, Gary Vee has mentioned several times that the Evolving Pose (which could only be minted by Series 1 holders) will play out to be one of the most sought-after Series 2 tokens in the entire collection.

Notably, some characters may appear to be in the Upside Down pose but are not. To verify, refer to the metadata under the “Properties” tab on the marketplace to check if a character is in an Upside Down pose.


There are a total of 74 scenes total in Series 2, 8 of which are considered super rare.

VeeFriends Series 2 ScenesQuantity
5 Fighter Island951
5 Yard Line955
Adversity Island1,016
Artist Ave998
City Streets973
Coffee Shop1,008
Collectors Corner983
Competitive Cage986
Courtside Seats980
Crypto Creak989
Dangerous Desert982
Dogwood Meadows Drive963
Floor 55981
Forever Fields999
Frowning Forest970
Gift Goat Gold (exclusive to Gift Goat tokens)555
Glaring Glacier983
Gratitude Grove965
Green Bubble Lake973
Happy Hill977
Hologram House10
Honey Empire Castle12
Hot Air Balloon972
Icy Ice Cave189
In the Eye of the Storm986
Joyous Jungle1,009
Legit Lemonade Stand926
Marathon Mountain976
Mindful Meadow979
Mount Ida1,002
Mushroom Mountain985
Mystery Mountain985
NYC Skyline975
Passionate Pitch381
Pawn Shop996
Perfect Peninsula1,003
Perpetuity Playground973
Pondering Pond948
Rainbow Planet28
Responsible Rainforest1,005
Retro Arcade982
Retro Hotel1,016
Rose Garden992
Skate Shop960
Sneaker Shop957
Sorcerer Schoolyard949
Struggle Stream994
Sun Sea989
Tenacious Tornadoes978
The Clouds996
The Dirt975
THE Pickleball Court966
Too Long Tunnel961
Trolley Station975
Underrated Underworld210
Wine Cellar498
JakNFT Glitch Lava (special scene)6
JakNFT Glitch Gold (special scene)5
JakNFT Glitch Bubblegum (special scene)4
JakNFT Glitch Diamond (special scene)3
JakNFT Glitch Hologram (special scene)2
JakNFT Glitch Emerald (special scene)1
Green is Green (special scene)5
Clean White (special scene)1
Spectacular Lava232
Spectacular Gold227
Spectacular Bubblegum238
Spectacular Diamond234
Spectacular Hologram234
Spectacular Emerald250
Series 2 Scenes and Quantities

JakNFT Glitch Scenes

VeeFriends Series 2 JakNFT "Glitch" Scenes.
Glitch Scenes designed by JakNFT

The JakNFT Glitch scenes are some of the rarest scenes in the collection.

Not only due to their limited quantity (there are only 21 tokens), but also because of their motion and unique colors.

The Glitch scenes actually represent the spectacular background (Lava, Gold, Bubblegum, Diamond, Hologram, and Emerald), just with an added twist and limited availability, created by digital artist JakNFT.

Green is Green Scene

VeeFriends Series 2 Green is Green scenes.
Green is Green Scene

The “Green is Green” scene is undoubtedly one of the rarest Series 2 scenes considering there are only 5 in existence.

Each of these scenes features a green VeeFriends character on an all-green background. This scene is a play on the “Epic” background found in the Series 1 collection.

Clean White Scene

VeeFriends Series 2 clean white scene
Clean White Scene

The “Clean White” scene remains the rarest scene right next to the JakNFT Glitch Emerald (special scene) since there is only 1 in existence.

There’s not much context as to why this scene was created or why it’s so limited, however, it reminds me of the “Core” background found in Series 1.

Spectacular Scene

Macro Micro VeeFriends character Spectacular scenes
“Macro Micro” Spectacular Scenes

The Spectacular scenes in Series 2 were originally only available to Series 1 Spectacular holders.

Considering Spectacular backgrounds are some of the rarest in the Series 1 collection, their evolved counterpart in Series 2 remains as such.

With that, there was a new Spectacular scene introduced to the Series 2 collection that doesn’t exist in Series 1, and that is the Emerald Spec.

The Emerald Specs were only available via an auction on Opensea during the original mint phase of Series 2.

What’s the Difference Between Series 1 and Series 2 NFTs?

Even though both Series 1 and 2 play a large role in the overall launch and development of the VeeFriends brand, there are some key differences between the two.

Here is a comparison of VeeFriends Series 1 and Series 2 NFT collections.

SubjectVeeFriends Series 1VeeFriends Series 2
DesignOriginal concept art hand-drawn by Gary Vaynerchuk.Evolved characters created by an animation studio that are being used to develop the VeeFriends brand.
RarityRarity is determined by background, utility, and characters.Rarity is determined by poses, scenes, and characters.
Supply10,255 total supply.55,555 total supply.
UtilityTicket to VeeCon for every token holder. Plus, additional utilities for Access and Gift Token holders.One box of “Compete and Collect” Cards per NFT minted. Plus, unconfirmed surprises.
Mint Price0.5 to 50+ ETH0.335 ETH
Mint DateMay 11, 2021Test Mint: April 14, 2022
Series 1 Free Claim: April 18, 2022
Friends List: April 18, 2022
Public Mint: April 25, 2022
15 New Characters: April 27 to May 12, 2022
VeeFriends Series 1 vs Series 2 Comparison

Where Can I Buy a VeeFriends Series 2?

You can buy a VeeFriends Series 2 NFT on a marketplace like Opensea. Since the collection sold out, the only way to get a Series 2 NFT is by purchasing one from a secondary marketplace. Below is a list of marketplaces that currently offer VeeFriends Series 2.


It’s worth browsing several marketplaces to find the best deal. Be sure to only purchase NFTs from the official VeeFriends Series 2 collection as there are fake collections.

Each marketplace should have a notation for authentic collections.

1. Get a crypto wallet

Metamask crypto wallet download

Before you can buy a Series 2 NFT, you need to get a crypto wallet. This wallet is used to buy and store your NFT.

Metamask is the most trusted web3 wallet. Simply download the wallet, record your seed phrase, create a password, and your wallet is ready to go.

That said, if you are buying an NFT like VeeFriends Series 2, you need to learn how to securely store your NFT.

Although Metamask is a great wallet, it’s not the best storage solution for valuable digital assets.

2. Go to and search for VeeFriends Series 2

VeeFriends Series 2 on

Once you have a wallet, go to and search for “VeeFriends Series 2”.

Opensea uses a blue checkmark to signify an authentic collection. Tap on the collection to view all of the tokens.

3. Find the character you want and choose your payment method

VeeFriends Series 2 on

Use the filters provided by Opensea to search for a specific character or sort by token type, rarity, or price.

Once you find the NFT you want, tap on it to “Make Offer” or “Buy Now”.

Upon choosing your payment method, you will be prompted to sign into Opensea using your wallet. You will need to sign for approval using your wallet.

Also, you will need to buy some cryptocurrency.

4. Load your wallet with enough crypto to buy the NFT

Once you know which Series 2 NFT you want, you need to stock your wallet with enough crypto to buy it.

To do this, you’ll need to create an account on a trusted crypto exchange like Coinbase.

Buying crypto directly from my Metamask wallet via Coinbase

Once your account is created, you can buy crypto directly from your Metamask wallet using your Coinbase account.

As of now, most VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs are available to purchase using ETH. So, make sure to get some ETH if you plan on purchasing an NFT that’s available via the Buy Now function.

If you decide to Make an Offer on an NFT, you will need to convert your ETH to WETH.

First, load your wallet with the amount of ETH you want to offer, then, on the NFT you want to buy, tap Make Offer and follow the prompts onscreen to convert your ETH to WETH.

Also, you will have to pay gas fees, so make sure you have extra money (at least $10 to $200) to cover this.

Here’s a great resource to learn more about how to buy NFTs on Opensea.

5. Store your Series 2 NFT securely

After purchasing your NFT, you should consider a different storage solution.

Metamask works well for buying NFTs, but, by no means should it be used for long-term storage or storing high-valued assets.

The best NFT wallets are hardware wallets. If you own any NFTs of value (like a Series 2), then you need to store them in a hardware wallet like Ledger.

Otherwise, you risk your wallet being hacked and your NFTs being stolen.


VeeFriends Series 2 is the next phase of Gary’s NFT collection. By creating Series 2, Gary has created an additional opportunity to become a VeeFriends NFT collector. Plus, Series 2 are the evolved (public-facing) characters that are being presented to the world to build the brand.

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