Drrops App Allows Fans to Own The Moment with NFTs

If you have ever gone to one of your favorite concerts and have either saved your ticket stub or bought any of the available merchandise, then you are going to be excited to learn about the Drrops app and what it allows users and artists to accomplish together.

What is Drrops?

Drrops is an app that allows fans to unlock collectible moments, photos, and merchandise that are exclusive to fans at certain festivals and shows. You can build your official proof of fandom collection and join the live community via the Drrops app available on IOS and Android

The Drrops app was created by Mitchel Butler, Co-Founder, and COO at Mappedin, and Raine Maida, a Canadian musician best known for his role as the lead vocalist and main songwriter for the alternative rock band Our Lady Peace.

The whole idea for the creation of the Drrops app was to allow fans to own presence. In an interview with Raine, he stated: “I want to know who’s at my shows. I want to talk to the people who actually bought a ticket. I want to know those people and be able to connect with them.” 

So, by owning presence, artists can know the people at their shows and actually communicate with them on a more personal level, as well as reward fans who are truly passionate about a band’s music. Some of these rewards may come in the form of exclusive merch, VIP access, airdrops, as well as unreleased albums and tracks.

One of the best things about the Drrops platform is that it allows the artists to curate a specialized Drrop for every show, making each Drrop truly unique. 

Furthermore, Drrops compounds shows for fans. This means that if you were at a show in Los Angeles and collected something from the Drrops app, you can continue to collect your favorite band’s Drrops for the duration of their entire tour, even if you can’t physically be present at the performance.

This allows fans to join the artists for their entire tour and allows artists to bring their fans along for all their shows as opposed to just one.

Raine realized that many fans desire more of a connection to the artists they enjoy watching perform, and what better way is there to get connected than having an app that allows true fans to connect with their favorite artists, and vice versa.

Maida also describes Drrops as the bridge between web2 and web3. Digital assets minted on the Polygon sidechain have been redeemed on Drrops, but the app also offers users the flexibility of not having the need to understand blockchain or have a crypto wallet such as MetaMask

For those who wish to take their NFT and move it off of the Drrops app to be traded on a secondary marketplace like Opensea, Drrops gives users this ability through the eject function in the app.

How does Drrops work?

In order to be eligible to unlock a Drrop, you have to be located within a specified zone when using the Drrops app. If the app determines you are within the set zone, you are then able to select the Drrop and obtain your own digital collectible.

In addition to collecting any Drrops that you are eligible to claim, you can also share your collection using your public profile. As well, Drrops gives you the option to trade and transfer your collectibles with your friends in order to complete the set, even for events that you weren’t able to attend.

Final thoughts

Overall, Drrops is a platform created to help fans have the ultimate user experience and to help artists know who’s at their show, allowing for a more personalized relationship with their fans.

All of this comes together to build a platform that offers a lowered barrier of entry into the world of NFTs, digital collecting, and proof of fandom as we know it today.

Alex Gomez

Alex is a professional writer and the creator of Cyber Scrilla. His passion for Web3 and blockchain tech comes from years of experience in the space as an investor and collector. He previously worked for Gary Vaynerchuk as his NFT Editor at ONE37pm and still contributes to this day.

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