How to Mint an NFT Using Etherscan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes minting an NFT from the minting site can be a hassle, especially if the site is so busy that it crashes. That is why you might want to consider minting an NFT using Etherscan.

Minting an NFT using Etherscan requires you to follow a set standard. Namely the ERC-721 standard. It is a free and open-source standard that allows building NFTs on the ETH blockchain. The process is fairly simple, you need to find the smart contract, search Etherscan, and mint it from there.

Before we go into the nitty-gritty details, there is something you need to keep in mind. Minting only works if the particular NFT is not yet sold out. Since blockchain activities and assets are indexed, you need the unique address of their smart contract. So, let’s get started.

Below are four simple steps to mint an NFT using Etherscan.

1. Find smart contract address

The first step when minting an NFT using Etherscan is to find the smart contract of the NFT project you want to mint. You can find the smart contract address by simply opening the details section of an NFT from the project on OpenSea, or you can simply click the Etherscan button under the project you want to mint on Opensea.

Minting an NFT using Etherscan. Simply click the Etherscan button next to the project name.

If you click the Etherscan button shown in the picture above, this will take you directly to the smart contract on Etherscan.

This is not the only way though. You can also check the project’s official website for the smart contract address. Once you have located the smart contract address, go to to search for the smart contract address.

2. Search Etherscan using the smart contract address

Step number two is to find the smart contract address on Etherscan so that you can verify the address amd begin the mint process. If you are entering the smart contract address manually, copy and paste the smart contact address into the search bar on

Mint an NFT on Etherscan. Simply enter the smart contract into the search bar.

When you find the contract on Etherscan, double-check the Contract Overview to ensure the name matches the NFT project you are trying to mint.

Mint NFT on Etherscan using the project's smart contract address.

After you have verified that smart contract is the correct address and the Contract Overview is the correct NFT project you are trying mint, scroll down and select the Contract tab to begin the process of minting an NFT on Etherscan.

3. Connect to a Web3 network using your Web3 wallet

Once you click on the Contract tab, select Write Contract. You will find it under the contract tab. Before you can implement any functions, you need to first connect your Web3 wallet, MetaMask is one of the most popular Web3 wallets. To connect your wallet, click Connect to Web3

Mint an NFT on Etherscan. Go to the Contract tab and then select write contract.

This will open a new tab and start connecting. One part you need to consider is whether you have multiple accounts or not. You need to pick carefully which wallet account you want to use. 

4. Mint the NFT from the smart contract

After connecting your wallet, you should be able to start minting. To begin the mint process, expand the Mint tab under Write Contract, this is where you will enter the minting price (found on the NFT project’s website), and the quantity of NFTs you want to mint.

Minting an NFT on Etherscan. Select write, then enter the mint price in ETH and the QTY you want to mint.

After you have entered the mint price and the quantity, simply click Write and start the process. It is as simple as that. It will then send the transaction to the blockchain. Keep in mind that the process can take a few minutes to finalize.

For the quickest transaction speed, you can always choose the High gas fee option once it pops up after you hit Write, this will ensure the NFT has priority over others who might be trying to mint the same NFT at a lower gas fee.

Risks of minting NFT directly from contract

There are some risks involved when trying to mint an NFT on Etherscan, however, most risks can be aleviaeted by knowing Etherscan best practices and verfying all the information is correct before minting.

There are mainly two risks involved with minting NFTs using Etherscan. One risk is that your transaction can get stuck in pending. The other risk is that you might be charged a high gas fee, especially if you don’t enter the information correctly.

Below we will discuss how to avoid both of these issues from the start.

Tips if your Etherscan transaction is stuck in pending

Remember, it might take a few minutes for your transaction to go through after minting your NFT, however, if it takes an abnormally long time, your transaction might be stuck. 

To avoid your transaction from getting stuck altogether, make sure you use a browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. Also, choosing the High gas fee option ensures your transaction is more likely to be successful.

Other times, the problem can arise from a small bug that occurred during the transaction. A trick you can use to solve this issue is switching to a different browser. Again, Chrome, Firefox, and Brave are the preferred browsers when minting an NFT on Etherscan.

Clearing out your browser’s cache is another great option too! Remove the history, cookies, and cache. But keep in mind that all your logged-in accounts will be logged out. So, save your passwords somewhere secure. You can write it down on a notepad if you want to be extra careful.

Although these are simple tips that have worked for some, they may not always work. The best thing to do is to use a proper browser before you start, and pay the extra fee for gas to ensure the best possible chance that the transaction is successful.

Dealing with high gas fees

If you experience high gas fees when minting your NFT, don’t panic. The gas prices are set by the miners according to the current supply and demand on the blockchain at the time of transacting.

Minting an NFT on Etherscan high gas fees.

In some cases when minting NFTs, you may see unusually high gas prices ($50 to $500). If you notice unusually high gas prices, do not continue with the transaction. Instead, start over and maybe even wait until gas prices have dropped (generally early in the morning or late at night).

You can always check Gas prices on in the upper left-hand corner. Gas fees ranging from 100 Gwei to 500+ Gwei will result in extremely high gas fees. Unless you think it’s worth paying for, I would wait for the gas fees to drop in this case.

Final thoughts

Minting an NFT using Etherscan is very simple. Of course, every NFT project will be different in terms of minting price, gas fees, and the smart contract address. So, make sure you are aware of each before you try minting an NFT using Etherscan.

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