What Is an NFT Discord? A Comprehensive Guide

An NFT Discord is a platform used by projects and brands to meet and communicate

You must have heard about NFT Discord channels quite consistently if you’re familiar with the NFT space even a little bit. Discord remains the topmost priority for NFT projects since the evolution of the NFT industry. If you are unfamiliar with NFT Discords, worry not; I will break down everything you should know about NFT Discords.

An NFT Discord is used by NFT projects and brands as a gathering place for their community. NFT Discord servers are where you will find announcements, updates, and support surrounding an NFT project. These servers are generally free to join and even encouraged by the project and community members.

Of course, this is a very brief overview of an NFT Discord server. Let’s get into the details of an NFT Discord and how to join them.

What is an NFT Discord? 

Basically, Discord is a social media platform where large numbers of people can interact in the form of a community. Currently, it’s the most harmonious platform for NFT projects as they’re community-oriented.To explain, an NFT project involves many types of people, from artists, developers, and investors, and Discord gives a good space to manage all aspects of an NFT community.

An NFT Discord server is used for announcements, updates, and alpha information from the creator.

In a typical NFT Discord Server, you can find the following components:

  • General Chat Room: Where all the members can interact with each other.
  • Announcement: The NFT team usually restricts this server just for important announcements and news.
  • Events: Here you can find important upcoming events which you can add to your calendars as well.
  • Specific Servers: Chat rooms dedicated to particular domains such as NFT airdrops, tokens, merchandise, social media, etc. 

The NFT project and user roles

In an NFT Discord server, the admins can assign or create various roles depending on the utility. To put it simply, a role is similar to a position on a server. Generally, the NFT project’s admin assigns people to those roles. 

Presently, WL (Whitelist) roles and Original (OG) roles are the most common ones. Overall, roles help to keep the discord channel running without any major issues. They also make sure members are following the rules properly. 

How to join an NFT Discord?

Not only this, but admins make sure that members don’t violate the community’s rules. As mentioned before, servers can support a very large number of members. Hence, NFT projects rely on Discord for whitelisting purposes, too.

Joining an NFT Discord is as easy as creating your account and clicking a few buttons.

Let’s explore the steps towards joining your favorite NFT Discord servers.

  • Creating an account: This is where you’ll start if you haven’t created an account on Discord. Firstly, go to Discord.com and download the app for your device. I recommend you set it up on your phone so you can easily log in to the Windows or Mac app via QR code. 
  • Take note of your account ID: When you sign up for NFT whitelists, many projects require you to provide your ID as well as a wallet address.
  • Join a server: One can easily find a link to the NFT project’s discord server on their official website or social media handle. On the left side of your screen, you’ll find a list of servers. 

If you join a server and discover that it is empty or quiet, you’ll most likely need to take a few extra steps before proceeding. Usually, NFT projects require you to agree to their rules before you access their channels. This step is crucial to prevent bots or spam.

While some servers have simple gateways, such as clicking on an emoji option. Meanwhile, others have implemented terms and conditions pop-ups where you’ll have to click a checkbox and submit button to gain access. 

And that’s all! Once you’ve finished these steps, you’re done! You can now look through all of the text and audio channels.

Where to find NFT Discords to join?

One of the major reasons why discord is a popular choice for NFT projects is anonymity. Enthusiasts join their favorite projects’ servers to enter the whitelist.

When joining these servers, they don’t have to reveal any personal information. Moreover, anyone can talk freely, ask questions, and have critical discussions without thinking about consequences, bullying, etc.

Find an NFT Discord server on social media, the brand's website, or an NFT marketplace.

To find an NFT Discord to join, visit the NFT project’s social media accounts, official website, or an NFT marketplace where the NFT is available for purchase. It’s almost guaranteed that you will find a link to their Discord using one of these resources.

It’s worth noting that joining an NFT’s Discord channel generally does not require you to possess their NFT. To check out the collection and what it has to offer, one must join the project’s discord. It’s an excellent measure of the project’s overall viability. You may also discover how many members are active in the community.

To join an NFT’s Discord, go to an NFT marketplace where they sell, such as OpenSea, LooksRare, or Rarible. The blue tick on their marketplace profile is one way to tell if the collection is the official one.

On the other hand, you can look at the Twitter account and see how many followers there are, as well as the number of reviews. In the top right corner, you can find the link to the collection’s discord channel. You can also connect your wallet via the official bot of the collection’s discord channel. Make sure to double-check that it’s their official one.

Don’t be overwhelmed when you first join; it will take some time for you to settle in.

Advantages and disadvantages of an NFT Discord Server?

Moving along, we all know that everything has both advantages and disadvantages. By the same token, NFT Discord channels are both a boon and a bane for enthusiasts. The trick is to use it carefully.

NFT Discords have their own list of pros and cons

The Pros of NFT Discord Servers

  • Tips and knowledge: Whether you’re new or an expert in the NFT space, active Discords will still serve as a great source of tips regarding everything. From minting tips to how to avoid gas wars, you’ll learn so much from people worldwide.
  • Communities: Discord servers have the capacity to support the biggest communities ever. This also encourages new users to engage with more experienced ones. Actually, communities are a big reason why NFT projects receive organic growth and success.
  • Whitelist Spots: Whitelisting is an important aspect of the NFT ecosystem. It enhances efficiency and transparency while also adding a layer of protection to the blockchain. Among other things, the NFT whitelist helps to limit fraudulent actions and high-value token losses.

    It also helps to reward early supporters of an NFT project. Almost all NFT projects reveal their whitelisting process on their Discord channels. So, join your favorite project’s discord group if they’re launching a collection anytime soon.
  • Updates and news: In today’s world, when everyone is busy, it’s difficult to keep track of your favorite NFT collections. Discord groups are a quick and real-time source for the latest news that you can follow or read at any time by following the correct channels.

The Cons of NFT Discord Servers

  • Scams: Unfortunately, Discord is a popular platform that hackers use to scam people. Thousands of ETH are lost to these phishing attacks or scams. Free cryptocurrency is one of the most popular ways that scammers use to lure members.

    These scammers can easily hack into your wallet and steal the cryptocurrency with just a single link. Therefore, it is extremely important not to click on any random link.
  • Bots: Sometimes hackers take control of a channel’s Discord bot. After that, they can post fake NFT minting offers using the bot. Just recently, hackers hijacked BAYC’s discord and used this method to steal crypto.
  • Time-consuming: Let’s face it, keeping up with so many channels and conversations can take a lot of time. One option is to only watch the main networks’ notifications and then go back and watch the remainder when you have more time. Another option is to subscribe to Discord channels, which will provide you with a summary of each day’s news and changes.
NFT Discords provide you with everything you need to know about an NFT brand

Overall, an NFT project/brand’s Discord Server is one of the best platforms to find out more about an NFT, receive updates and announcements, and interact with the entire community including the creators.

At first, a Discord server can be very overwhelming. My advice is to hang in there and take your time browsing each channel, and take note of which channel is used for what. 

After spending a generous amount of time in  Discord, not only will you know more about the NFT project, but you will also have a good idea of the brand’s dedication to its community, and perceive the general vibe displayed by the community.

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