Best Bitcoin Ordinal NFT Marketplaces of 2023

Bitcoin Ordinals have grown in popularity and this has led to a demand for Bitcoin Ordinal marketplaces that make trading these unique NFTs safer, easier, and more efficient. While several marketplaces are being developed, everyone is competing to be the first and the best.

Best Bitcoin Ordinals Marketplaces

Best Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Marketplaces

Below is a list of the best Bitcoin Ordinal NFT marketplaces for you to check out.


Best Bitcoin Ordinal NFT Marketplace Ordswap.
Credit: Ordswap

Ordswap is the first trustless Ordinals Marketplace. Launched in February 2023, Ordswap has become the go-to marketplace for those looking to buy, sell, and create Bitcoin Ordinals. The Ordswap platform enables users to buy, sell, and create their own Bitcoin NFTs with ease.

Not only is its user interface extremely simple, but so are the wallet options. You can set up your own Ordswap wallet or even use your existing MetaMask wallet to buy and collect Ordinals.

As for fees, Ordswap charges a 3% fee on all purchases in addition to the listing price. For inscriptions, there is a fee of 0.00025 BTC plus a 5% fee. That said, Ordswap provides a 10% discount on all collection inscriptions.

In short, Ordswap is a great Ordinals marketplace for both beginners and advanced users. If you desire an easy-to-use platform with a good UI—look no further.


  • First trustless Ordinals Marketplace for secure buying, selling, and creating Bitcoin NFTs.
  • Simple user interface and existing wallet options make it accessible to beginners and advanced users.
  • Offers a 10% discount on all collection inscriptions.


  • Charges a 3% fee on purchases and 0.00025 BTC plus a 5% fee for inscriptions.
  • Limited options compared to more established marketplaces.
  • New platform with a limited track record.

Ordinals Wallet

Ordinals Wallet Bitcoin platform.
Credit: Ordinals Wallet

Ordinals Wallet was one of the first platforms to hit the scene when the Ordinals protocol started to gain traction. It initially began as a basic Ordinals explorer. From there, it quickly grew to one of the most trusted Ordinals platforms on the market.

It didn’t take long for Ordinals Wallet to start showcasing popular Bitcoin NFTs. Within 7 days of launching, Ordinals Wallet displayed some of the earliest Ordinal collections including Planetary Ordinals, Ordinal Rocks, and Ordinal Punks, eventually transforming into a full-blown “Collections” page.

Ordinals Wallet was also one of the first platforms to provide users a way to transfer their Ordinals.

It only took a month for Ordinals Wallet to become one of the premier Bitcoin Ordinals marketplaces—enabling users to effortlessly buy, sell, hold, and transfer Ordinals.

The marketplace is completely trustless and uses PSBT technology. That means there’s no middle-man, making it quick and easy to buy and sell Bitcoin NFTs. 

As for fees, Ordinals Wallet’s market fee is 2.7% and the team is working to implement a 4.2% creator royalty fee.

If that isn’t enough, the platform has the best UI of any Ordinals marketplace (of course this is up for debate). Nonetheless, when you visit the site you will have zero problems navigating the various tabs and features.

If you’re new to buying and selling Ordinals, I recommend trying out Ordinals Marketplace.


  • One of the first and most trusted Ordinals platforms on the market.
  • Provides users a simple solution to transfer their Ordinals.
  • Completely trustless marketplace using PSBT technology.
  • Easy to navigate user interface with various tabs and features.
  • Low market fee of 2.7% and working on implementing a 4.2% creator royalty fee.


  • There’s limited information on the team behind Ordinals Wallet.


Generative Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace.
Credit: Generative

Generative is a next-generation art platform on the Bitcoin blockchain on a mission to bring generative art to everyone. Launched on February 10, 2023, Generative has been paving the way for the Ordinal’s ecosystem.

In 2020, Snowfro’s creation of ArtBlocks on Ethereum marked a significant milestone in the realm of digital art. This groundbreaking achievement connected generative art with NFTs. Building on the success of ArtBlocks, Generative brings a fresh take on the concept, incorporating distinctive elements via the Bitcoin mainnet.

The marketplace is built on Bitcoin and makes it easy for artists to create their own art completely on-chain thanks to the Ordinals protocol.

Plus, you can buy NFTs using BTC or ETH, making it simple for anyone to collect digital art on Generative.


  • Generative is a next-generation art platform on the Bitcoin blockchain, making it more accessible and secure for users.
  • Generative allows artists to create their own art on-chain, providing transparency and immutability.
  • Offers a fresh take on the concept of generative art, incorporating unique elements via the Bitcoin mainnet.
  • Enables users to purchase NFTs using both BTC and ETH.


  • Generative may have limited options compared to more established marketplaces.
  • The success and adoption of the platform depend on the adoption of Bitcoin Ordinals.


Gamma Bitcoin Ordinal NFT marketplace.
Credit: Gamma

Gamma is a Bitcoin NFT marketplace and home of the world’s Web3 social identity. Gamma was previously before rebranding to Gamma. As the name suggests, STXNFT was a marketplace for STX NFTs that live on the Stax sidechain.

Although you can still purchase STX NFTs on Gamma, they mainly focus on Ordinals and provide a platform to serve as a home base for collectors, creators, and investors to explore, trade, and showcase NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Additionally, Gamma enables users the following functionalities:

  • Create collections without any code
  • Mint high-res asset artwork affordably
  • Launch with no up-front costs
  • Create a dedicated mint/collection page

Gamma also utilizes a unique storage solution for art created on its platform. All high-res artworks are stored on IPFS, while lower-resolution pieces are inscribed completely on-chain. 

That way you know your art will live indefinitely on Bitcoin’s immutable network.


  • Allows users to create collections without any code, mint high-res asset artwork affordably, launch with no up-front costs, and create a dedicated mint/collection page.
  • Utilizes a unique storage solution for art created on its platform to ensure it lives indefinitely on Bitcoin’s immutable network.


Mainly focuses on Ordinals rather than STX NFTs.

Ordinals Market

Best Bitcoin Ordinal NFT marketplace called Ordinals Market.
Credit: Ordinals Market

Ordinals Market represents itself as the premiere destination for trading Ordinals. The platform aims to help users avoid scammers by providing verified and up-to-date information on all legitimate Ordinal listings.

OM helps prevent scams by verifying various elements of the vault including:

  • Emblem Vault Contract Address
  • Emblem Vault Bitcoin Address
  • Token Details
  • Inscription Owner
  • Vault Verification

That said, Ordinals Market is much different from the other marketplaces on this list in that it utilizes Emblem Vault—a tokenized multi-asset wallet on the Ethereum blockchain that enables users to trade assets from different blockchains.

Hence, it allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin Ordinals on Ethereum using any Etheurum-based wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and other popular crypto wallets. This lowers the barrier to entry and offers users a familiar interface.


  • Ordinals Market verifies legitimate listings to prevent scams.
  • The platform uses Emblem Vault to trade assets from different blockchains.
  • Allows buying/selling Bitcoin Ordinals on Ethereum with any Ethereum-based wallet.


  • May have limited options as a newer platform.
  • Success may depend on the adoption of Emblem Vault.


Flurry Bitcoin Ordinals Marketplace
Credit: Flurry

FlurryBTC is an all-in-one platform that simplifies buying, holding, and selling Bitcoin Ordinals. It offers services including a verified directory, marketplace, and an Ordinals Project Launchpad. 

Chris Yeh, the company’s CEO, leads the team that founded Flurry in 2021. They aim to build a one-stop innovative platform for Ordinals users and creators.

Flurry began as Flurry Finance, a non-custodial protocol that provides cross-chain yield aggregation. The team also developed a governance token called “FLURRY” that allows holders to participate in protocol governance. 

With their experience and innovation, the Flurry team has created a platform that everyone will enjoy using.

You can’t buy Ordinal NFTs directly on Flurry yet, but they display legit collections along with each project’s Discord channel and Twitter account so you can easily find authentic projects.

Soon, Flurry will offer creators an option to list their collections and get verified on the platform as well.

Additionally, Flurry will soon have fees for buying, selling, and inscribing Ordinal NFTs. That said, holders of the Flurry governance token will receive multiple-tiered discounts along with several zero-fee promotional campaigns year-round. 

Although no fees are set in stone, it’s likely Flurry’s fees will be comparable to other Ordinals marketplaces and inscription services that charge a small BTC fee plus a 3-5% fee on sales and for inscribing Ordinals.

Moreover, the team aims to set forever royalties for creators who use their platform. Unfortunately, it’s still too early to tell how they aim to enforce royalties on Ordinals.


  • Flurry simplifies buying, holding, and selling Bitcoin Ordinals.
  • Flurry offers a verified directory, marketplace, and Ordinals Project Launchpad, providing a one-stop innovative solution for Ordinals users and creators.
  • Flurry uses multi-sig wallets and two-factor authentication to maintain high-security standards.


  • You can’t buy Ordinal NFTs directly on Flurry, but the platform displays verified collections along with each project’s Discord channel and Twitter account.
  • Flurry will soon have fees for buying, selling, and inscribing Ordinal NFTs, though holders of the Flurry governance token will receive discounts and promotional campaigns.
  • It is unclear how Flurry aims to enforce creator royalties.


Ordina Bitcoin NFT marketplace.
Credit: Ordina

Ordina is an Ordinal aggregator that helps traders find, buy and sell the most valuable Bitcoin Ordinals. Similar to, Ordina showcases Ordinal collections across the entire Bitcoin blockchain.

Using Ordina, you can quickly view a collection and see all current listings from that collection across numerous Ordinal marketplaces and sellers. From there, you can go directly to a listing on another marketplace or reach out directly to the owner directly, and submit your offer via Discord.

This makes Ordina the first official Ordinals aggregator platform. Furthermore, the marketplace is extremely simple to navigate via its user-friendly interface. As of now, Ordina allows users to submit an Ordinals collection for free as long as users sign up for a free account.

If you want to find the best deals on Ordinals, I suggest checking Ordina first.


  • Ordina is an Orindal aggregator that helps traders find, buy, and sell Bitcoin Ordinals for a fair price.
  • Ordina showcases Ordinal collections across the entire Bitcoin blockchain.
  • The marketplace is simple to navigate with a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can submit an Ordinals collection for free.


  • There’s no information on the security measures taken by Ordina to secure its platform and assets.
  • Ordina does not offer an option to buy or sell Ordinals directly on its platform.

Ordinals Marketplace

Ordinals Marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs.
Credit: Ordinals Marketplace

Ordinals Marketplace (ORDX) is a secure community-driven platform on the Bitcoin blockchain that is exclusively dedicated to buying and selling Ordinal Digital Artifacts and operates using an escrow for trading.

ORDX has implemented some of the most advanced security measures, including multi-factor authentication and code auditing, and prioritizes users’ education on best practices for password security, avoiding scams, and keeping software up to date. 

Moreover, ORDX is committed to providing a completely trustless marketplace and cold storage is a top priority. The team is led by Atty, an experienced entrepreneur, and a team of experts in web3 innovations. 

The ORDX team aims to build a vibrant and thriving community of artists, creators, and collectors and to host global events to connect the Ordinals community. This includes a tipping solution to allow users to support their favorite creators and plans to implement a royalty system in the future.


  • Secure platform with advanced security measures and escrow for trading.
  • Dedicated to buying and selling Ordinal Digital Artifacts.
  • Led by an experienced entrepreneur and a team of experts in web3 innovations.
  • Developing a tipping solution to support favorite creators and exploring ways to implement a royalty system in the future.


  • ORDX is still in the beta phase.
  • ORDX charges 2% of every sale.
  • ORDX does not showcase every Ordinals project that exists, only projects that request to be listed on the marketplace.
  • Currently, transactions are handled manually.

Trade Ordinals

Trade Ordinals Bitcoin NFT Marketplace
Credit: Trade Ordinals

Trade Ordinals is an online marketplace designed to help people easily buy and sell Ordinals. Essentially, the platform acts as a middleman to ensure the buyer and seller can complete the transaction safely and efficiently.

When you make a purchase on Trade Ordinals, the seller sends the Ordinal to your Bitcoin address as soon as the payment is confirmed. This way, the seller can be sure they’ll get their payment once you receive the Ordinal.

To start buying Ordinals, you need to create an account and get your own unique Bitcoin address. However, there is a limit of 20 addresses per user.

If you want to sell an Ordinal on Trade Ordinals, you’ll need to use their Discord server. You can open a ticket in the “sell” section of Discord, and the Trade Ordinals team will review and verify your Ordinal before listing it on the marketplace. Keep in mind that there’s a 2% fee for each sale.


  • Safe and efficient marketplace for buying and selling.
  • Each user gets their own Bitcoin address for privacy and security.


  • Limit of 20 unique addresses per user.
  • Requires the use of Discord to sell.

Scarce City

Scarce City Ordinals Marketplace.
Credit: Scarce City

Scarce City is a Bitcoin marketplace that specializes in physical art, collectibles, counterparty tokens, and Ordinal inscriptions. Transactions on Scarce City are done using Bitcoin, with undercollateralized auction bids that only require a 1% bid as collateral. 

Anyone with a Bitcoin wallet or exchange that supports segwit addresses can send BTC to Scarce City. Scarce City does not offer an inscription service, as they only provide a platform for people to sell their Bitcoin NFTs. 

The marketplace charges a commission fee for all sales, and the seller is responsible for paying the fee. Listings are refundable and cancellable, with a 5% listing deposit required. 

Scarce City has plans to become the go-to platform for Ordinal inscription sales, with a focus on making it easy for buyers and sellers to come together and optimize price discovery.

According to the founder, Chirs, “” will be the go-to platform for Ordinals. In the meantime, you can use Scarce City to buy and sell Bitcoin NFTs.

“Our biggest goal here is to be the front page of ordinals inscriptions sales. We want to make it as easy as possible for buyers and sellers of inscriptions to come together and to optimize for price discovery of inscriptions.”

Chris, Founder of Scarce City


  • Scarce City is a marketplace for all types of Bitcoin goods, including physical art and collectibles.
  • They support counterparty tokens, Ordinals, auctions, and fixed prices.
  • Transactions are in Bitcoin, and undercollateralized auction bids require only 1% of the bid as collateral.
  • Any Bitcoin wallet or exchange that supports segwit addresses can send BTC to Scarce City.
  • The platform does not charge fees for listing, but sellers are responsible for paying a commission fee ranging from 1% to 5% depending on the sale amount.


  • Scarce City does not offer an inscription service.
  • There are no incentives for early users.
  • Royalties are not enforced, but discounts to creators are offered when selling directly through Scarce City.

Ordinex (Upcoming)

Ordinex Bitcoin NFT Marketplace.
Credit: Ordinex

Ordinex is a cutting-edge marketplace currently being designed for seamless trading of Ordinal NFTs. With the mission of offering a secure, transparent, and trustless environment, Ordinex seeks to streamline the Bitcoin NFT experience, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire process.

With an automated escrow system powered by smart contracts, Ordinex aims to make it easy for everyone to participate in the Bitcoin NFT market.

The team has already started developing a Proof of Concept on the Bitcoin Testnet and has years of experience building automated escrow systems on the Bitcoin network. 

In addition to a talented team of developers, Ordinex boasts advisors from the DeFi space, ensuring that the platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of the blockchain industry.

Stay tuned for more details on the full roadmap, whitepaper, and implementation plans, which will be unveiled in the upcoming V2 version of the website.

Orkar (Upcoming)

Orkar Ordinals NFT Marketplace.
Credit: Orkar

Orkar is an upcoming marketplace for Ordinals that will allow users to sell, buy, view collections, search wallets, and inscribe. 

Although an exact ETA is not available, the team aims to have the buy and sell feature available before soon, while the collection view feature will be available even sooner. 

The user database feature will be added once Ordinal wallets evolve a little more, and it will allow you to see all of a user’s inscriptions and connect multiple wallets to one profile. 

Moreover, Orkar plans to release a token airdrop in the future based on user activity across their entire site. According to the founder, Orkar won’t just be a marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals, but rather, for numerous blockchains.

“We’re not just an ordinary marketplace; we’re actively developing our platform to work with various blockchain networks. Including ETH, Solana, and smaller chains connected.”

– Razz, Founder of Orkar

BitColl (Upcoming)

bitColl Ordinals NFT Marketplace.
Credit: bitColl

Although there’s not much known about BitColl yet, we do know that it’s an up-and-coming Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace created by the Meta Fabric and Punks Club teams.

Currently, BitColl enables users to deposit and trade Ordinals on their custodial solution with a 2% trading commission.

According to the marketplace’s Discord, BitColl’s roadmap consists of various stages that will soon unlock new functionalities for users including:

  • Buy and sell your Ordinals (say goodbye to pathetic, unsafe spreadsheet trading).
  • 2-factor authentication (using google authenticator).
  • Clean and easy-to-use UX.
  • Fireblocks infrastructure deployment 
  • Next-level security (assets storage) via automation of deposit and withdrawal management.

Undoubtedly, there are a ton of Bitcoin Ordinal Marketplaces popping up left and right. But the ones mentioned on this list are currently paving the way for the Ordinals’ space. That said, if you’re looking for an Ordinal-compatible wallet to use with these marketplaces, be sure to check out the best Bitcoin Ordinals NFT wallets.

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