Disney NFTs: Everything You Need to Know and How to Buy One

Buying a Disney NFT is easy! Just follow the steps in this article.

All tech-forward Disney fans can rejoice because the mega-company and NFT world have combined forces and it’s nothing short of anything you would expect to be produced by the House of Mouse. 

We have now hit six months of Disney NFT drops on Veve and their collections have been well-received. From golden statues to throwback Mickey Mouse scenes, it will be exciting to see what continues to be released.

If you’re looking to know what are the best and most valuable Disney Collections released thus far, more about Veve (the NFT company they partnered with), or how to purchase them, then you’ve come to the right place.

Now as Walt would say, let’s keep moving forward.

How to buy a Disney NFT

If you’re looking to purchase a Disney NFT, then you can only do so through the Veve Marketplace. Even if you’re completely new to NFTs, they’ve made it as easy as possible.

Step 1: Download Veve App

On your iPhone or Android, go to the app store and download the Veve Marketplace app. It’s completely free to download.

Step 2: Create an Account

Now, it will ask you for some information to create an account. Follow the easy step-by-step prompts.

Step 3: Purchase Gems

In order to purchase an NFT, you need some Gems, which is the token the Veve marketplace uses. But don’t fret it’s really easy, as 1 Gem equals 1 U.S. Dollar.

Typically, most Disney NFTs are sold for around 40-60 Gems, the highest being the Mickey and Walt partner statues that started at 333 Gems.

You can purchase some by pressing the Profile tab at the bottom, click Wallet, then Get Gems to start the process. 

It’s important to note, that once you’ve purchased the Gems, you can’t revert them back to cash. So only purchase as much as you’re intending to use.

Step 4: Purchase Your NFT

If you click Market at the bottom, you can scroll through tons of NFTs available for sale. Disney NFTs are notoriously sold out the moment they are released, so often you’ll find yourself purchasing an NFT at a higher price from an original holder.

If you’re purchasing a newly released collection, then you will purchase a blind box. Make sure you’re up to date on when these become available because they sell out within minutes. 

Step 5: Sign Up for Updates

Lastly, if you want to keep expanding your collection at blind box prices, make sure you set up reminders and sign up for updates so that you can keep up with the latest NFT drops.

Now if you’re not a newbie to the NFT world, you may be wondering how is this so simple? Typically, you need to purchase a cryptocurrency on a cryptocurrency exchange database, send those over to an NFT Wallet, and then head over to your NFT Marketplace of choice. VeVe has eliminated all of that hassle because its intent is to allow anyone without any crypto or NFT knowledge to participate.

Things to keep in mind

  • Licensing Fees
    If you’re purchasing to resell your Disney NFTs in the future, then there is a 6% licensor fee for all Disney NFTs, and a 2.5% VeVe secondary market fee.
  • Cannot convert gems to fiat currency
    They are still currently working on a way to transfer Gems to Fiat currency, but unfortunately, you can’t at this time. You can transfer Gems to another user on the Android phone, but not iPhone. They are in the process of testing a new process, so hopefully, this issue will be resolved in the coming year.
  • Not on the Ethereum blockchain
    Because VeVe collectibles are stored on the ECOMI blockchain, it misses out on many services that are provided for Ethereum-based NFTs such as using popular hardware wallets or tracking in a crypto portfolio. This has raised some concerns, because the Veve app feels centralized, which serves the opposite purpose of a blockchain. 

Disney NFT collections that have been released so far

Disney released its first drop of NFTs in November 2021, with its “Golden Moments” collection on the Veve Marketplace. This marketplace has partnered with many high-profile brand companies like Coca-Cola and DC. 

What makes the Disney drops so unique, is that they are released in a blind box fashion- you’ll never know what you get until the day arrives! Typically, they sell for 60 gems (equivalent to $60), but certain NFTs have gone for higher. 

Included on the Veve platform is a Rarity Scale so you can easily determine how common or rare your particular NFT is. From the most to the least editions is as follows: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Secret Rare.

Now, let’s check out the collections that have been released so far. 

1. Disney’s Golden Moments

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

Disney’s “Golden Moments” was released in November 2021 in honor of Disney+ Day. The Golden Moments Collection is a collection of golden, rotating statues of iconic characters across the Disney spectrum. Within the Golden Moment collection, there are subcategories that include collections from Marvel to Pixar.

The original, first drop included eleven NFTs that spanned multiple genres from Walt and Mickey to the Pizza Planet truck. Since then, they’ve been periodically adding more NFTs to each collection.

Disney Golden Moments: Walt and Mickey

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

The Partner Statue (Walt and Mickey) was part of the original Disney NFT drop, and at the current time is the most valuable Disney NFT on the market. What was originally sold for 333 gems can now be found for over 10,000 gems floor price on the Veve Marketplace. If you’re looking for the ultimate Disney NFT collectible, this is it. 

Disney Golden Moments: Duo Edition

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

The Duo Collection has been highly popular, featuring the most iconic duos of the Disney Animation movies. So far, we’ve seen a total of five options, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more will be released in the future. Or perhaps they will release a “Couples” edition with the leading prince and princesses.

  • Timon & Pumbaa (Common)
  • Winne the Pooh and Piglet (Common)
  • Cogsworth and Lumiere (Uncommon)
  • Flounder and Sebastian (Rare)
  • Chip n’ Dale (Ultra Rare)

Disney Golden Moments: Valentine’s Day Edition

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

In honor of Valentine’s Day, these two Golden Moment statues of two couples were released on February 14, 2022. This would have been the ultimate Valentine’s gift if you were lucky enough to grab one of these. 

  • Donald & Daisy Duck (Common)
  • Lady & The Tramp (Rare)

Disney Golden Moments: Star Wars

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

And of course, many speculated that it wouldn’t take long for the Star Wars NFTs to be added to the collection. Starting with arguably the most famous Star Wars characters, there are sure to be more coming down the pipeline.

  • C-3PO (Common)
  • R2-D2 (Uncommon)

Disney Golden Moments: MARVEL

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

Now Iron Man was part of the original NFT drop, but we haven’t seen too many of these come out yet. That’s probably because Marvel is too busy with their own line of NFT drops including Mighty Marvels, Black Panther, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dr. Strange. Although Disney acquired Marvel, I didn’t include it on this list as they’re still marketed under the Marvel license. 

  • Iron Man (Common)
  • Avengers Logo (Rare)

Disney Golden Moments: Pixar

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

Pixar was also part of the initial Golden Moments drop, but similar to Marvel statues, they haven’t added any additional NFTs since. Pixar also has its own set of NFTs, the Pixar Pals, that show off your favorite Disney/Pixar collabs. 

  • Wall-E (Uncommon)
  • Pizza Planet Truck (Rare)

Disney Golden Moments: Walt Disney’s Animations Studio

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

I expect we will see a lot more Golden Moments coming out of the Animation Studios collection. With so many iconic movies to choose from, these blind boxes will sell out extremely fast. 

  • Elsa (Common)
  • Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat (Rare)

Disney Golden Moments: The Simpsons

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

Calling out all Simpsons Collectors! We’ve only seen two released thus far, but we’re sure to see some more.

  • Homer and Bart (Common)
  • Skateboard (Rare)

2. Disney’s Villains Collection

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

Finally, it’s time to move away from the Golden Moments collection and see some of the other collections that Disney has been working on. For those that love the Disney Villains, these NFTs don’t disappoint. Unlike the timeless golden statues of the Golden Moments collection, the Disney Villains are an emoji-style, 3D, full-color NFT for its collectors to enjoy.

  • Ursula: I Get What I Want (Common)
  • Queen of Hearts: Not Impressed (Uncommon)
  • The Queen: Want a Bite (Rare)
  • Jafar: Feeling Like Royalty (Ultra Rare)

3. Disney’s: The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

If you’re a Classic Mickey enthusiast, then be prepared to fall in love with this collection. We’ve already seen two series being released, starting with the beloved Steamboat Willie, followed by the famous Bandleader Mickey.

Series 1: SteamBoat Willie

  • A Jaunty Jig (Common)
  • A Happy Whistle (Uncommon)
  • All Together, Now! (Ultra Rare)

Series 2: Bandleader Mickey

  • Let’s Begin! (Common)
  • Focus, Please! (Uncommon)
  • The Finale (Ultra Rare)

4. Disney Mickey and Friends NFT Collection

Photo Credit: Disney and VeVe

This is going to be one of the last Mickey Mouse collections that we’ve seen released but it differs from the rest in that they are in a “card” format. The characters were handpainted by artists Morgane Keesling and Naty Kosloff. The opposite side has the autograph of your special character.

  • Mickey Mouse (Common)
  • Minnie Mouse (Common)
  • Donald Duck (Uncommon)
  • Daisy Duck (Rare)
  • Pluto (Ultra Rare)
  • Goofy (Secret Rare)

And that’s a wrap of all the official Disney licensed NFTs. If you are looking for one of the other Disney Licenses such as Star Wars, Pixar, or Marvel, you can be sure that they have released many NFTs under those specific brand names as well.

Ultimately, Disney and Veve have created an NFT platform that anyone can participate in. I’m sure we’ll see more great NFT projects to come.

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